Important Update:

First, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my site and check out my studio, and all that I had to offer.  I say “had” because I am no longer working with clients – neither in my boot camps, nor 1-1 personal training.  I’m also no longer taking consulting clients.  I’m still vey much active in the fitness and nutrition world, just in a different spot… a spot that I love, and that allows me to work with more people than i ever imagined.

The reason the site is still active is because there may be a time in the future that I do decide to take on 1 or 2 clients, or maybe even teach a class, testing out a new, revolutionary workout and diet program… which always seem to pop into my head :)

If, and when, that day comes, I’ll update the page, and begin taking clients again… But for now, I am no longer working with clients.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!



Welcome To Fusion 105 Training Studio and Metabolism Makeover!

Please click the link below to learn more about either my One-On-One Private Personal Training services, or Metabolism Makeover “Boot Camp” for ladies only…

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Ed Scow here and I just wanted to say a quick “Thank you!” for stopping by my site.

Let’s get something out of the way first, because I know many may be confused…

I recently changed the name of my private personal training studio from ELS Massage & Personal Training to Fusion 105.


Partly because I don’t do massage anymore, which made it very confusing.  Another reason is because my training style has evolved over the past 10 + years owning this studio.

The style of training I use as a starting point for all my programs – whether they be for private training clients here in the studio, my ladies only fitness classes (or boot camps), my online training programs, or even myself – I call “Fusion Training.”  (Click here if you’d like to learn more about Fusion Training)

The gist of it is that I use a unique combination of resistance training and cardio-style training to create programs.

If you’d like to learn more about my private personal training services offered here in my training studio (formerly called ELS Massage & Personal Training), click that big button above, or click here.

You also may notice that the name of my ladies only fitness classes, or boot camps, have changed from ELS Boot Camps to Metabolism Makeover.

So why did I change that one?

I’ve never really liked the phrase “boot camp,” but that was the “buzz word” at the time I started offering those classes.

Personally the words bring up images of military style classes, lots of running, training outside and intensity while forsaking form and a properly designed program.

Plus your initial reaction to the question, “Hey do you want to come to boot camp with me?” is more likely to bring up a negative thought than a positive one.

I don’t create “mean” workouts, nor do I believe “intensity” equals a good workout.

A properly designed workout for a small group of people, or boot camp, should be intelligently designed so as to work you just intense enough…

… but not so intense that you feel a drop in energy levels for the rest of the day – it should not “kill” you.

The other reason for the change from ELS Boot Camp to Metabolism Makeover is that a large part of what I do when working with groups of ladies is helping to boost, or “reset” their metabolisms by getting them off the diet roller coaster that can wreak havoc on your body.

My goal with these Metabolism Makeover classes is to deliver results – whether that be melting away your stubborn stomach fat, increasing your strength and flexibility, or just staying fit and healthy – and do it in a comfortable, easy-going and supportive atmosphere.

If you’d like to learn more about Metabolism Makeover (formerly ELS Boot Camps), click that big button at the top, or click here.

Thanks again and I hope this little letter explains my reasons for changing the name of my training services from ELS Massage & Personal Training to Fusion 105, and my ladies only boot camps from ELS Boot Camps to Metabolism Makeover.

Hope to talk to you soon!


© 2013 & beyond ELS Wellness, Inc. and Ed Scow

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