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3 Boot Camp Toning Exercises For Busy Ladies

There are a lot of confusing articles and videos out there for moms wanting to tone up.

Do you go to a boot camp, or maybe stick to an intense home workout program?

If you’re a lady, and want to get more toned, should you do loads and loads of repetitions on isolation exercises or stick to bigger exercises that work a lot of your body at once?

To better answer those questions, I compiled a quick list of what I believe to be the best boot camp toning exercises for women.boot camp workouts for ladies only

1) Squat with a Shoulder Press.  Doing 2 exercises in one is a great way to tone your entire body because it works a lot of muscle and burns a lot of calories – both of which will help you get strong and toned.

The great thing about the Squat with Shoulder Press is that it combines 2 areas women want to look better – their legs/butt and shoulders.

To do it, hold two dumbbells at your shoulders, then progress into a normal squat.

As you raise up, press the dumbbells overhead as if you were doing a regular shoulder press.

Make sure you keep your abs braced throughout the entire movement and squeeze your butt muscles as you stand up.

2) Dumbbell Swing.  The Swing is a great toning exercise because it works your abs like hotcakes (without doing any crunches) and burns a ton of calories.  It will also make you very strong, which is key in any toning exercise.

The key with the Swing is that you must make it one fluid movement and don’t turn it into two separate exercises.  It’s an explosive move that you should also be able to use a decent amount of weight with.

As you stand up out of your slight bend, you should explode up as if you were going to jump and let that Dumbbell swing out in front of you (hence the “Swing” part of the name).  If you do that, it’s a great toning exercise…if not, it’ll probably cause an injury.

3) 1 ½ Squat.  This is a deceptive little exercise because it doesn’t sound too bad, and the first few reps are pretty easy, but the more you do, the more the muscles are worked, the more it burns and the more it helps tone your legs and butt.

It’s just like a normal squat, but as you stand up, only come up half way.  Then go back into the lower portion of the squat and stand up all the way – that’s one rep.

So it’s a squat with a little bounce in it.

That little bounce turns a good toning exercise into a great overall strength, fat loss and toning exercise that women MUST do.

Give those 3 exercises a try in your next workout and I guarantee you’ll start seeing results and become a stronger, more toned version of you.

That’s all I have for you today!

Have an awesome day and I’ll talk to you soon…

Ed, aka “The Fit Dad”

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