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3 Mini-Circuits. Put ‘em Together And You’ve Got A Nice Boot Camp Workout

A couple months ago I made a bunch of quick workout videos for you…

…But I’m a big slacker and didn’t give them to you!

How bad is that?

Mr. Boot Camp Trainer Man promises a bunch of free boot camp workouts for you and he doesn’t deliver.

Damn Mr. Boot Camp Trainer Man!

Anyway, enough with the self-destructive sayings and on with the goodies!

You’ll see 3 boot camp workout videos below.   1 is a “Metabolic” mini-circuit.  1 is an “Abs” mini-circuit and the other is a “Legs” mini-circuit.

That’s kind of the way I’ve been formatting boot camps lately.  I’ll take the entire workout and split it up into mini-circuits.  Sometimes the mini-circuit is done for 5 minutes.  Sometimes it’s done for a prescribed number of reps and sets and sometimes I just hold the time until every lady in attendance is groaning and cussing me out!

So now it’s your turn to do it from home.

Take these 3 boot camp mini-circuits, put ‘em together and do a workout.

You can do them in any order you’d like.  Actually if you’re going to do them multiple times per week, which I highly recommend, mix up the order.

For instance on Day 1 do the Metabolic one first.  Then on day 2, do the Abs one first and on day 3 do the Legs one first.  I wasn’t a math major so I have no idea how many different combinations you can do when it comes to the order of the workouts and mixing up the way they’re done…but it’s a lot.

Have fun with it…as much fun as you can have with a workout, that is!

Anyway…on with the show!!!

Here’s the videos.

Here’s the Boot Camp Metabolic Mini-Circuit:

Now here’s the Boot Camp Abs Mini-Circuit:

And finally, here’s the Boot Camp Legs Mini-Circuit:

Hope you enjoy the workout(s)!

As usual, if you have any questions just let me know.

I’m here to help!

Have an awesome day!

And remember…

…Be A Superhero Today!

The Fit Dad

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