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3 Simple Weight Loss Foods

One of the biggest questions I receive, both in and out of my studio, is “What do I eat if I want to lose weight?” and it’s a great question.

I used to get a little cranky when asked that question because it’s a no brainer for me, but now I’m glad when people ask because it means they want to learn and are seeking answers and are ready to lose weight and achieve their Superhero Body.

I have a couple guidelines when it comes to choosing good weight loss foods, but the biggest is versatility.

I think a good food choice, whether you’re trying to lose fat or just be healthy, should be able to fit your lifestyle.  It should be easy to transport without being overly messy, you should be able to add it to other dishes as a side item or topping and, of course, it should taste awesome.

Here are a few of my favorite foods to help you lose weight.

1) Hummus

I’m a big fan of hummus because of its versatility as a dip.

You can dip veggies in it, which is great if you have kids that you’re trying to convince to eat better (or a spouse!) and if you’re hosting a party, or are responsible for bringing a veggie try to a party, hummus makes a much better choice than ranch dressing as a dip.

It’s loaded with nutrition, most notably healthy fats.  Believe it or not, fat is a very important factor when trying to lose weight and you should not avoid it if you’re looking for foods that help you lose fat.

In my family, we dip weight loss food #2 in it (actually my 4-year old daughter loves it!), and more recently we started dipping slices of bell peppers.

Do be careful on how much you eat because it is a calorie-dense food, especially if you’re just enjoying it as a snack.

2) Broccolilincoln, nebraska boot camp diet food

I can’t make a list of top weight loss foods and not include broccoli because it’s just too dang powerful.

It’s loaded with fiber which helps keep you fuller longer and keeps your digestive system moving smoothly.

It’s also loaded with the all-powerful phytonutrients, which makes it a powerhouse of nutrition.

You can eat it by itself, which is usually an acquired taste, add it to salads, dip it in humus, or even throw it in a smoothie.

3) Pears

Pears are a great weight loss food because they’re relatively low in calories, yet high in nutrition and fiber.

The average pear has around 4 grams of fiber, which is close to 20% of your daily need.

You can eat it all by its lonesome, obviously, or slice it up and add it to a healthy salad, or use as a side dish.

The great thing about these 3 foods is that they’re easy enough for the whole family to enjoy.

I’ve always insisted that if you can eat healthy as a family, long-lasting weight loss is easy.  Get your significant other and kids to eat like you, and watch the health of your family soar!

Sure your kids may poo-poo on the broccoli, but give them the hummus to dip it in and they’ll learn to enjoy it.

That’s it for today!

Talk soon…


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