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3 Tips To Lose Tummy Fat and Tone Up!

Abs, abs, abs, everyone wants the abs.

I can’t blame ‘em.  I want better abs too.  I want a nicer stomach too, but do you know some of the best ways to work your abs?

I compiled a quick list for you on how to better work your tummy and get a sleeker figure (and healthier back and better posture too!).

1.  Turn every exercise into an abs exercise

How do you do such a thing?

The easiest way to do so is to make sure your abs are “braced” during every, nebraska boot camp els boot camps

What’s that feel like?

You’ve done a Plank in boot camp, right?

What does your stomach feel like during the Plank?  You should be bracing it and it should feel “flexed.”

That’s what your abs should feel like whether you’re doing a Plank, Side Plank, Push-up, Lunge, Burpee, Rear Fly, etc.

Your abs should always be braced.

This is tough at first, but once you focus on it for a couple weeks it becomes second nature.

During workouts I can tell if someone is not bracing their abs because rather than keeping them “In and Tight” they are pushing their stomach out.

Don’t push your stomach out, instead keep it in and tight.

Another way to ensure you turn every exercise into an abs exercise is to skip the machines at the gym and instead opt for the free weights, resistance tubing or bodyweight exercises.

Machines do much of the work for you and take out a lot of the core stabilization that exercises like push-ups require, plus you burn fewer calories, which means you won’t get the results you’re after.

2.  Don’t try to isolate the abs with crunches, instead do “big” movements that work multiple muscles and ensure a maximum amount of calorie burn.

I’m going to contradict myself in a few minutes, but for right now I’m telling you to skip “small” exercises like crunches, especially if you don’t have much time to devote to a workout.


Because they don’t do much.

They don’t create much in the way of a caloric burn – during or after the workout – and are largely a waste of time.

If you want to focus on your stomach, it probably means you have some fat to lose – otherwise you’d have a perfectly slim tummy.

If you want to lose that layer of fat, you have to focus on exercises that matter and create an effect within your body that burns lots of calories DURING and AFTER your workout and crunches do neither one.

Exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups, rows, different types of plank extensions, burpees, etc. are all “Big” exercises, work a lot of muscle at once and, therefore, do a much better job of disintegrating the stubborn fat covering your abs.

3.  Do “Add-Ons” or “Burners” at the end of your workout to crank up the intensity and make you feel it.

I know I just told you to skip the exercises like crunches, but sometimes they feel good, and while sometimes I like to bash the good ol’ crunch, it does have its place and that is in a type of mini-workout I like to call a Burner (I also call the Add-On Workouts).

The point of this type of mini-workout is to take 3 exercises that focus on one area of your body and work it.  It’s meant to make you “feel the burn” for lack of a better term and this is where crunches can come in quite handy.

Take the following 3 exercise Burner as an example…

1) Reverse Crunch – 15 reps
2) Butt Raise – 15 reps
3) Side Plank Extension – 12 reps/side

Those 3 exercises, done back-to-back for about 3-5 minutes will hit your abs…hard.

The burn will be in full effect, hence the term “Burner.”

But, you must save this type of thing for the end of your workout and only if you have the extra time.  Don’t cut out portions of your workout just so you can get to the Burner.

The Burner is meant to be icing on the cake…the cherry on top…the cross on your “t”, or whatever other verbiage you want to use.

They are not workouts in themselves.

Make sense?

Okay, now go on and rock on with your bad self!

Talk to you soon!


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