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A Superfood And A Super Easy Dinner Recipe!


Last year I discovered a Superfood called Kefir.  It is an ancient, fermented probiotic milk drink.  Kefir has a unique, tangy taste (some say it tastes horrible by itself) and is mildly self carbonated and is said to stimulate the immune system, enhance lactose digestion and inhibit bacteria including those that cause ulcers.

We like to use plain Kefir in place of yogurt in our morning smoothies.   There are also flavored varieties that would be easy to quickly pour and enjoy!    I have bought the strawberry before and added it in with Maren’s milk.  She thought that I had bought the real (sugary) strawberry milk!  I have found Kefir at every local health food store and grocer.

Now for a Super easy meal.

I love it when I get creative with a meal and it ACTUALLY tastes good!   A SUPER quick and easy dinner that we like is Basil Pesto Chicken served over spinach.

I have never measured this out – I just pour and throw in ingredients till I have enough for the Pesto, but here are measurements from a recipe I base mine on (3/4 c pesto total):
¼ c olive oil
½ c chopped walnuts or pine nuts
2 c firmly packed fresh basil leaves  ( I use dried from the spice isle,  probably 2 TBS)
½ c grated Parmesan or Romano cheese
4 cloves garlic,  peeled and quartered
black pepper to taste

If using fresh pesto:  place all ingredients in food processor and blend until nearly smooth.  I use dried and just mix it all together in sautee pan.

Bake the amount of chicken you need as you normally would and shred it.  Or, pick up a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from the supermarket.  I have found they are easiest to shred when still warm.  Always throw out the skin if using a rotisserie chicken.

Throw chicken in with pesto and heat through.

Serve over baby spinach.  Heating the spinach a bit with some olive oil makes it really tasty.  Heat it just a minute or two, not enough to where is breaks down.

Baked sweet potatoes go nicely with this meal.  We usually split a medium size one, add some real butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon.  When you add cinnamon to foods, it sweetens them without adding the sugar!  Besides it is said to help control blood sugars.  Super Sweet!!

Oh my, I think Ed’s Superhero style is rubbing off on me!  Better get that under control

Till next week!

The Fit Mom

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