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April “L Magazine” Column

One of my all-time favorite movies is “The Ten Commandments.”  Seeing Charlton Heston play Moses is a very moving experience.

My homeboy Moses

I’m lying.

I’ve never seen the movie and come to think of it, I haven’t seen a Heston film.  The most I know about it is that it’s looooong.

The reason I mention the movie is because I’ve come up with a list of my own Ten Commandments.

I hiked my butt up my very own Mt. Sinai (the second floor of my house), and came down with these Fitness Commandments to share with you.

1.  Thou shalt add good stuff, while subtracting bad stuff.

This one is easy.  We eat poorly and don’t exercise enough.  Add more good stuff and subtract the bad stuff.

It really is that simple.

2.  Thou shalt keep it in and tight.

I’m referring to your stomach.  Your stomach muscles are weak and it shows in the way you sit, stand and move.  Always be mindful of your stomach muscles.

I’m not asking you to suck your gut in like someone is taking a picture of you in your bathing suit, rather think of it as keeping your posture in check.  Sit or stand up straight and pull or “brace” your stomach.

Keeping it "In and Tight" will help you strengthen and flatten your stomach

You also need to do Planks more often – any of the variations…just do them.

3.  Thou shalt not partake in magic pills or potions.

Moses threw a hissy fit when he came down the mountain and saw people worshipping a golden calf.

I throw a hissy fit whenever someone tells me they’re taking a diet pill, or other “wonder supplement” that comes from the farthest reaches of the earth.

Supplements have their value – I take them every day – but any pill whose marketing tells you it’s the easiest way to lose weight is lying.  To learn more about the supplements I take, click here.

At best, it’s an expensive diuretic and leaves you with less money.

Deep down you know the truth, so listen to your gut and don’t do it.

4.  Thou shalt sleep.

Sleep is probably the most underrated aspect of health (and weight loss).  You NEED to sleep more.  Your body does some pretty amazing things while you’re sleeping, and the less you get, the more you screw it up.

Besides, the Late Late Show isn’t that great and you’ve already seen all the Seinfeld reruns.

5.  Thou shalt move…often.

As a society, we sit way too much.  We sit in our car.  We sit at a desk.  We sit on the couch.  We sit at a table.  Sit, sit, sit.

Get off your butt and move around once an hour, preferably every 30 minutes.  Stretch, go for a quick walk, do some push-ups and squats…just do something.

Just like Moses had 2 tablets, I have to cover the remaining Commandments in next month’s issue, so stay tuned lest I go in a Moses-style rage and break the second tablet.

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