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Are You A Food Pervert?

Are you a pervert?

Before I get any complaints or yelled at, I’m not talking about the type of pervert that will get you in trouble for staring at a woman’s chest or any performing any of the hi-jinks from the movie “Porkies.”

I’m talking about Food Perversion.

I don’t know if I coined the term or not, but I’m claiming it (and probably going to trademark it!), so don’t steal it!

My definition of Food Perversion is taking an otherwise healthy food and turning it unhealthy, or perverting it.

It’s a pretty common problem I see in folks who are learning about proper diet and trying to lose weight.  It’s very common in folks who are trying to go it alone and do all the research themselves rather than sticking to a good weight loss program or system.

A very common instance is dipping veggies in ranch dressing.  That’s the perfect example of Food Perversion.

To learn more about my ideas behind Food Perversion and how to overcome it, check out the video I made for you.

YouTube Preview Image

So what do you think?

Make sense?

Like I said, Food Perversion is a common problem with people trying to lose weight, especially those folks who have tried and failed in the past, or who are doing all the research themselves.

Educate yourself, arm yourself with the proper information and you will succeed.

Pervert your food and you’ll be ostracized from your community, just like a regular pervert.

Have a great day!

Ed, aka “The Fit Dad”

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