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Ed Scow, aka "The Fit Dad"

Ed Scow, also known as "The Fit Dad", likes long walks on the beach, snuggling, hand stand push-ups and pretending to work. He's also a fitness & nutrition expert, proud papa and husband to a smokin' hot wifey.

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January 2012 LSV

  This month's issue of the LSV Inner Circle brings you a sweet little workout program called "Fusion Conditioning." I wrote a blog post about it a couple weeks ago, but the gist is that I mixed exercises that are highly "metabolic" with resistance training exercises and I put them together in a sweet little way that is designed to tone, strengthen AND burn a ton of calories, which means you burn fat o ...

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3 Great Post Boot Camp Workout Snacks

Do you typically eat a snack after your boot camp workout? If not, you should seriously consider it. Why?  Because your body is literally screaming for nutrition.  Okay, maybe not “literally screaming,” but if your muscles somehow attained the ability to speak they would politely tell you, in the most gentile English accent, that they would really enjoy some nourishment so that they may replenish their ener ...

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Boot Camp Fusion Workout (Video)

It’s Boot Camp Workout Time!! Over the recent past I have been tinkering with my workout “flow” trying to make it the best and most effective use of your time and I think what I’ve been using lately is pretty sweet. I call it Fusion Conditioning and it’s a great way to burn a ton of calories in a little bit of time, while also working those trouble spots you love to hate, specifically the abs, arms and legs ...

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3 Perverted Foods (Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter…)

(Quick note - If you’re more in the mood for some foods you should be eating, click here and read this list) My sister graduated with her Nurse Practitioner’s degree last Friday and I ate cake. Not only did I eat a piece of cake, but I ate a big honkin’ piece of cake and it was good.  It was really, really good. It was a chocolate cake that was easily 10 inches tall – I’m not kidding – and every few inches ...

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3 Easy Slimming Foods

I love me some food.  I really, really loves me some food! However, over the past several months I’ve made it a point to try new things. I’m a big believer in setting and keeping routines, but sometimes you hae to break those puppies and try new things. I can get very boring with my eating – that’s because it’s easy – but I’ve decided to branch out a bit and start trying some new things. There are 3 foods i ...

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Survive The Holidays And Relax!

(This article appeared in the December 2011 issue of L Magazine...written by me of course!) Tis the season for joy, food, bad weather and flabbiness. You know what else?  It’s the season for every fitness guru and their mama to give you lists for losing weight because the average person gains some obscene amount over the course of 4 weeks. You know the drill because you see it every year. This year is going ...

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Fat Blasting Boot Camp Workout Tip (Video)

Hey! So how was your weekend?  Mine was good.  Thanksgiving was fun, lots of family was seen (and I mean LOTS) and all was good.  We had a great workout Friday morning for the post-Thanksgiving metabolism cranker and I finally stopped limping. On top of that, Nolan is still teething like crazy.  He has 2 on the bottom, which he's had for a while, but now has 2 on top, with 2 more poking through and I think ...

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Ode To Resistance Tubing For Boot Camp Workouts

One of my favorite ways to train - whether in boot camp, my own personal workouts or with clients - is using Resistance tubing.  It's an awesome piece of equipment.  Many folks know it for its use in rehab, but it is incredibly versatile and can, and should, be used in fat loss workout design as well. To show you my love for Resistance Tubing, I decided to write an ode. I have to warn you… I don't like poet ...

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November LSV

This month's issue of the LSV Inner Circle brings you a sweet little workout program designed to work called "Happy Time Tubes." The Workout of The Month brings you a number of different workouts all using Resistance Tubes.  I've received quite a few requests for a program using tubes, so... Ask and Ye Shall Receive! Personally, I love using tubes for workouts because they're so versatile.  They provide a d ...

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Where’s Your Focus?

Howdy! When it comes to getting lean and fit, I have a basic belief – focus on taking positive steps that create good habits rather than attempting to remove negative habits. That may sound overly simple, or bring up thoughts of “No kidding Ed…I knew that!” but stick with me here and let me explain. Let’s assume you want to lose weight. - I'm not saying you should lose weight, I'm just using this as an exam ...

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