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Boot Camp Abs Workout (Video)




We love the abs, right?  Maybe you don’t actually *love* your abs, but you love working them and you love feeling like you’ve worked them, right?

I know for me personally, I love it when the day after a workout my abs feel like they’ve been worked.  The mild tightness, the fact that you can “notice” the workout the day after boot camp when you laugh…it’s all coolio.

The problem is most ladies approach an abs workout the wrong way – they do too many crunches, sit-ups, etc. thinking that those movements will not only work your abs, but also whittle down your figure as well…

…the problem is they won’t.  Sure, you’ll feel it, but you won’t get the fat burning you’re hoping for.

The best option, like what we do in boot camp, is to use exercises and workouts that hit your abs from a “full body” perspective, which basically means that you include as much of your body as possible, but that the exercise, and workout in general, puts special emphasis on the abs…

…and a crunch variation or 2 won’t hurt (unless you have a bad back).

To illustrate my point, I made a little video for you showing you a wonderfully awesome abs workout that actually works your entire body (so you get extra fat burning) but puts extra emphasis on the abs.

It’s all goodie goodness!

To give it a watch, click below:

That’s all I have for you today!

I hope you have an awesome day and I’ll be talking to you soon!




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