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Boot Camp Arms Workout Video

9 out of 10 new clients who come to boot camp exclaim to me “Ed!  I want to get rid of THIS!” while holding their arm up in the air swinging it back it back and forth as though they are going to turn it into a backyard swing for their little ones.

I get it.  Wanting nicer arms is always in demand (even for us dudes).

That’s why most of the boot camp workouts we do work your arms at least partially – while some days we work them…A LOT!

What makes a good arms workout?

For one, you have to mix different types of exercises and you must, I repeat MUST, include “Big” exercises that work your arms from different angles and work a lot of different muscles at once.

It’s simply not enough to do isolation exercises (I’ve had ladies tell me they do hundreds of triceps exercises with ZERO results) because that just won’t create enough of a metabolic shift to not only help you get the defined and toned look you want in your arms, but also burn the fat that’s sitting on top of that muscle.

That’s all being toned and defined is – trimming the fat, while simultaneously working the muscle to give it that strong look…without bulking up obviously (which is actually a lot tougher than most ladies think and will NEVER happen in my boot camps).

I want you to check this quick boot camp arms workout video out and then give it a try.

I guarantee that if you do this workout 2-3 times per week, combined with another quick circuit, you will see results within a few short weeks.

Lincoln, Nebraska Boot Camp Arms Workout For Ladies Only


YouTube Preview Image

This arms workout video is actually a part of a larger program I created where you get to pick and choose different areas of your body to work.

Not all ladies just want nicer arms – some want a trimmer stomach, while others want a strong and sexy pair or legs and round booty…

…while others want everything!

This program I created lets you do that!

Kinda cool.

I want you to not only watch that arms workout video, but I also want you to try it.  It doesn’t work by osmosis – you have to actually get out and do it…

…and if you do it, I promise you’ll see results.  Your arms will be stronger, and more importantly, you will get rid of the bye-bye arm fat and develop sleek, toned and defined arms and shoulders.



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