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Boot Camp Legs and Butt Exercise Tip (Video)

Do you like lunges?lower body boot camp exercise in lincoln, nebraska

I have a love/hate relationship with the things, as do many of my clients, but I’m a mean and nasty trainer guy and make them do the nasty exercises anyway.

They’re too dang good, but I agree that they do hurt.  They make your legs burn and shake, and if you do them enough, make it difficult to walk the next day and that’s a soreness that doesn’t really go away as your fitness increases.


I hate them because of those reasons – burning, shaky legs…

…But I absolutely LOVE them because they have so many benefits and I’m not just talking about your legs.

Exercises like lunges cause a crazy amount of havoc on your body’s fat burning ability, which means you burn an awful lot of calories, and you will continue burning calories after your workout while your muscles repair themselves.

One of my favorite things to do when designing programs is to come up with new and different ways to do simple exercises to give you more benefit and more results, without having to purchase extra equipment, or even using anything besides your own bodyweight.

Take this video for example…

YouTube Preview Image

That little two-exercise lunge combination may look sweet and innocent like my sweet baby Nolan, but give it a go and you’ll soon realize that the sweet little baby will take a giant bite out of your thighs, hamstrings and butt muscles, much like my sweet little baby Nolan decides to take a bite out of my shoulder (teething…).

A couple pointers before you venture out and do it on your own…

First, make sure you use perfect form and do NOT speed through the lunges.  If your form is off, the tension will be taken off your muscles (which is where you want it) and will be placed on your knee joint, which is where you do not want it.

Plus if you speed through it, even if your form is perfect, your results will be horrible.  This isn’t a sprint.  Go at an even tempo and make it count.  Yes it is tough, but you’ll love the results and besides, if you’re gonna do it, do it.

And make sure you get enough range of motion in the Pulse, but not too much.  It’s not a full lunge, it’s a half lunge in the middle of the movement, so all the tension stays on your leg muscles, which I call a “Burner.”

If you move too little, there won’t be enough movement to elicit the response you want.

If you move too much, you’ll take the tension off your thigh for a few seconds every repetition and that’s not what you want.

You can do those whenever your workout calls for a lunge.  It doesn’t add that much time to the overall workout so it won’t cause havoc in that department and it’s not “too much” to cause any issues in the overall program of the workout…

…yet that little 1-2 punch of an exercise is wicked (in a good way) for your legs and overall fat loss program.

Do it regularly and watch the definition of your legs improve, your muscular endurance improve and weight drop off.

Biff, bam, boom.

Talk to you soon!

Have an awesome day!



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