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Boot Camp Trainer Gives You Insight On How To Make Every Exercise An Abs Exercise


Hey Hey!

How’s it hangin’?  Did you stuff yourself on all sorts of treats over the Halloween weekend and instead of being scared by the “Friday the 13th Marathon”, you’re instead scared by the amount of jiggles staring at you in the mirror?


Halloween is a doozy of a devil and the nastiest part is that the calories can creep up on you over the course of a few days, or week, because the treats you eat aren’t typically overly large – rather you graze on the Halloween treats, which even though individually are small, they end up adding hundreds (easily) and possibly thousands of calories to your diet…

…Calories that you did not need to consume.

So what’s a lady (or me?) to do?

Jump on the treadmill and run till you can’t run anymore?

I’d rather have my finger nails pulled out one by one while listening to Kenny G’s greatest hits – and have pictures of him with his mullet in front of me the whole time.  Or watch the Twilight movies…both would be equally torturing (although I do have to admit that I’m thinking of buying a “Team Edward” shirt).

Maybe come to boot camp a few extra days or do loads and loads of Burpees?

I actually thought long and hard about what to write on this, the day after Halloween and had trouble coming up with something good.

So instead of giving you a diet tip or mental tip on how to best get rid of the Halloween jiggles, I thought I’d share a couple videos with some sweetie exercise tips.

One covers exactly what I mean when I constantly say “Keep It In and Tight”, while the other gives you an idea on how to progress with push-ups from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced.

First up is the “Keep It In And Tight” explanation.  It really is one of my favorite things to say in boot camp, but I understand there’s some confusion, so here’s my explanation…

Here’s the little video I did on Push-Up Progression.  It helps not only in boot camp, but for the multitude of workouts I give you to do from home.

Hope you enjoy the videos!  Let me know if you have any questions or comments…and get to work on busting that Halloween jiggle off.

Talk to you soon!

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