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Boot Camp Will Not Make You Bulky or Give You “Man Muscles”

“I don’t want to get big and bulky.”

Sexy, huh!  Don't worry, you won't look like this by doing boot camp

Sexy, huh! Don't worry, you won't look like this by doing boot camp

“Give me a workout that’s going to make me toned – but I don’t want to get big and bulky because I had this friend who worked with weights and she got big thighs and a big butt.”

“I don’t want to look like a Harley Davidson mama.”

“Will boot camp make me big and bulky, or will I get toned.”

Those are just a few of the statements I’ve received in the past few weeks from new and prospective boot campers about one of the biggest myths and misconceptions ladies have about working out and working with weights.

It’s asked and said in hundreds of different variations, but it all comes down to one thing…

You want a workout that won’t give you “man muscles” or make you look like a bodybuilder.

I understand the thought process here – you see guys working hard with weights in the gym, at home or on T.V. and see those guys get big muscles, so the logical conclusion is that if you work with weights you will get big muscles.

A+B = C right?

Not quite.

This is one of the biggest myths, misconceptions and fear tactics that many so-called “fitness experts” tell ladies – and it makes me CRAZY!

I do understand the fear – you don’t want to look mannish, you want to look feminine, yet strong and toned.

This fear that people put into your head that you’re going to get big and bulky by working your muscles intensely and challenging yourself with weights is irrational and not based in reality.

It’s damn near impossible for 99% of ladies out there to get big muscles by working with weights.


It largely comes down to one thing – hormones.  Testosterone to be more precise.

Men have lots of it, women don’t.  Younger men have more of it than middle-aged men and guys can boost their levels by doing resistance training and losing stomach fat (stomach fat decreases men’s testosterone levels).

Women have testosterone, just not much and it’s counter-balanced by estrogen.

Why don’t women make more testosterone?  You lack a pretty important piece of anatomy in the testosterone making process.  Think of a guy getting smacked in the crotch on America’s Funniest Videos and you’ll know which “part” I’m talking about.

I have a feeling that I can shout this from the rooftops and parade out hundreds of women who have not gotten big by working with weights, but have in actuality shrank, and there will still be doubters.


Because there’s no shortage of people feeding you this irrational fear.  They come in the form of infomercials, fluffy women’s magazines with headlines like “workout without getting bulky” and even some well-meaning, yet uninformed and uneducated celebrity trainers (like Madonna’s trainer), and even some pilates and yoga instructors.

I have had the privilege of training hundreds of different ladies and have NEVER made any of them big and “mannish”, quite the contrary actually.

You get smaller by working with weights because working intensely with weights (like in boot camp and in the homework assignment workouts I give) will make you lose fat faster than some of the methods you have used in the past like dieting (without resistance training), cardio only workouts or using water bottles or “pink” weights.

Still skeptical?

I’ll leave you with the example of my lovely wife, Andrea.

My hot and sexy wife works with weights and isn't afraid of getting big and bulky

My hot and sexy wife works with weights and isn't afraid of getting big and bulky

Whenever Andrea is in the studio working out, she is working HARD.  She is using the most resistance she can for that given exercise…and she ain’t big.

Since she’s started training my way, she has shrunk and has gotten stronger and more “toned.”   She’s got awesome looking arms, legs and booty (yes, I’m biased but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s true).

When she actually lets me train her and watch her workouts instead of just writing them, I tell her to go heavier – even when she doesn’t think she can – and she always does and she has never gotten anywhere near looking “mannish.”

She’s one hot mama and she works her booty off with weights…

…and you should too!

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