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Boot Camp Workout Wednesday!

What’s up party people!10 minute workout

We’re back again with another edition of Workout Wednesday and this week’s is going to be pretty sweet, but I’ll admit I am a bit biased.

Have you been putting these workouts into practice or have you watched them while developing a cold sweat and said “Screw that!”?

Give ‘em a try.  They’re simple to implement, don’t take much time and will deliver tremendous results.

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Alrighty, now let’s get on with this week’s workouts.

We’re going to do things a little different than the past couple.

The last two weeks we did a 10-minute workout followed by a 4-5 minute abs workout.

This week we’re going to START with a quick abs workout, then do the 10-minute workout and finish up with a quick arms workout.


It’s going to be awesome.

Having this type of workout order is one of my favorites because it pre-fatigues the abs, then you do the up-tempo 10-minute workout and finally give your arms what they really want.

Good times.

Anyway, here’s the Tummy Workout

Flat Tummy Workout

In case you didn’t get the flow of the workout written down, here it is:

You’re going to do it in a “Tabata” style where you do each exercise for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  Perform them in a circuit for 4 minutes (2 total circuits completed)

1A) Reverse Crunch

1B) Fast Mountain Climber

1C) DB or KB Swing

1D) Plank Extension

Up next we have the 10-minute workout:

10-Minute Weight Loss Workout

In case you didn’t get the flow of the workout written down, here it is:

1A) Push-up – 8 reps

1B) DB or KB Swing – 15 reps

1C) DB Bent Over Row – 8 reps

Do that circuit as many times possible in 8 minutes, then move on to…

2) Burpees – 20 seconds on/10 seconds off for 2 minutes.

And finally we have the arms workout:

Strong & Toned Arms Workout

In case you didn’t get the flow of the workout written down, here it is:

But, I should note that you really should watch that video to get the complexities of that arms workout down.  It’s simple, but also easy to mess up!

3A) Seated Overhead Extension – 15 reps

3B) DB Rear Fly – 10 reps

3C) Low Push-up Hold – 15 seconds

Only go through that circuit TWICE.  Twice should be enough – if it wasn’t enough, then you didn’t use enough weight or didn’t do the push-ups properly because those 3 should be making your arms go wonky.

Good times, right?

Do this workout in that order – abs, 10-minute, arms.

Don’t go flip-floppin’ things because they are in that order for a reason.  Comprende?

You can do that same workout 2-4 times per week, or combine it with the workouts from the last couple weeks to create a wicked 3-week program…hint, hint!

If you’re feeling really ambitious you could also mix and match the workouts.

For instance, if you really liked one particular 10 minute workout and one particular abs workout, you could pair them up so they’re done on the same day.

Make sense?

That’s all for today!

I’ll be talking to you soon!


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