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Metabolism Makeover (formerly ELS Boot Camps) is the perfect way for ladies in Lincoln to lose weight, gain strength and tone their arms, legs, butt, and abs in a fun and supportive environment.

ELS Boot Camps is now Metabolism Makeover

Attention Awesome Ladies of Lincoln, Nebraska!

Discover How To Lose Stubborn Weight & Inches, Tone Up And Get In Great Shape And Do It In A Fun, Supportive Environment!

ELS Boot Camp in Lincoln, Nebraska


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In case you haven’t watched the video, my name is Ed Scow and I have the privilege of running Lincoln’s best weight loss boot camp and the really cool thing is it’s for ladies only.

Just to give you a little background, I’d like to tell you a quick story…

Back in the Fall of 2007 I was stuck. I had a large number of one-on-one and small group training clients, but I reached a limit with how many people I could handle in a day and was still getting a large number of client referrals, especially ladies, who wanted to train with me. Not a bad problem to have I assure you, but it was a problem nonetheless.

I surveyed my current group of personal training clients, as well as past clients, to see what they were looking for in terms of boot camp training and small group classes and began to ask more questions of potential clients to see how to best deliver what they wanted.  What I kept hearing was that my lady clients wanted more social support and an easy-going and non-competitive atmosphere. They wanted a quick workout that would not only give them awesome results, but also leave them with MORE energy and feeling stronger and ready to face their day.

They wanted flexibility in their workout schedule so they could still fit in a workout and not have to worry about it interfering with their everyday lives.

They wanted something that would cut to the heart of the problems they were facing and work on their trouble spots – like their butts, legs, flabby “bye-bye arms” and absin addition to making them stronger.

What first started out as a problem quickly turned into Lincoln, Nebraska’s premiere boot camp, and it’s designed for LADIES ONLY.

On January 4, 2008, the first boot camp class was held, and a second time was quickly added. A couple months later, due to staggering demand, a third class option was added (in addition to all the one-on-one personal training options).

The boot camps I offer here in Lincoln, Nebraska are a unique fat burning and strengthening workout that are designed for ladies only.

Check out just a few of the awesome testimonials from ladies, just like you, who have tried ELS Boot Camps and LOVED IT!

“I had two babies within the last two years & was carrying an extra 40 lbs. I’ve never been one who liked “working out”. I have always been able to maintain my weight by just eating well. I realized, after these pregnancies, that the weight wasn’t going to come off by just eating well. So, Ed’s ladies only boot camp classes sounded like a great idea.

I knew, for me, that an appointment, rather than a gym, would work better. I have made a commitment to Ed & the other ladies in my class which keeps me going, even on the days I don’t feel like it. The classes are fun & challenging. I think it is the most effective workout you can get in 45 minutes.

My entire body feels like it got worked when we’re done and I am very happy with the results I am seeing in my body just after 6 weeks! Ed is a fantastic trainer & very mentally motivating. If you’re ready for exciting changes in your body & workouts, give Ed’s boot camp a try!”

Amy Postert

“Since I started going to Ed’s weight loss boot camp, I have gotten so many compliments about how good I look. I love that, but more important, I feel great, mentally and physically.”
Nancy Bird

“I love ELS Ladies Only Boot Camp! It is a fun, fast-paced workout. The exercises are always varied and challenging, and it gets you energized for the day.”
Patty Shefte

“I am NOT a morning person but Ed has made boot camp fun, so I look forward to getting up in the morning and going to camp. The exercises are different for each session – I never know what we will be doing. The improvement in my strength, flexibility and, more importantly, the way my clothes fit have made going to Ed’s Boot Camp worth it.”
Margaret Schultz

Stretching during warm-up periodWhat are the benefits of Metabolism Makeover (formerly ELS Boot Camp)?

  • Rapid Weight Loss Techniques – No time spent on any worthless exercises, only the most effective fat burning and toning exercises are done.
  • Increase Strength, Flexibility and Energy Levels
  • Camp Sizes are Limited to 7 Ladies So You Get More 1-On-1 Attention And A Greater Sense Of Camaraderie and Social Support
  • Fun, Light-Hearted, Easy-Going Environment
  • Lose Tummy Fat
  • Get A Strong, Sexy Physique Without Worrying About Getting “Bulky”
  • Camp Workouts Are Always Changing So the Workouts Never Get Stale and Boring – EVERY class is different, with no repeats…EVER.
  • On-going nutritional and workout support so you never feel left out in the cold as to what to do on your days off – and that’s always included with the price of boot camp!
  • Get the attention and feel of a one-on-one personal training session at a fraction of the cost
  • Social support and camaraderie needed to build long-lasting and effective results. People talk to each other before, during and after boot camp rather than running out the door as soon as class is over.

The program I came up with is designed to be done in only 2 or 3 short, 45-minute workouts per week (although you can do more if you wish) and are designed to focus on all the trouble spots women love to hate. Areas like the butt, thighs, arms and abs.

With this specially designed weight loss program, you will get strong, slim and lean with a unique blend of cardio, strengthening and toning workouts where only the most effective exercises are chosen.

Not only that, but the weight loss workout classes also boost your energy, reduce stress and improve posture while preparing you for the demands of your busy lifestyle.

Metabolism Makeover (formerly ELS Boot Camps) are also unique in that they’re designed to be challenging and effective, yet in a fun and easy-going atmosphere. They are done in the support of other women looking to achieve the same goals and level of fitness as you.

They’re also done in my private personal training studio…with no mirrors! That means you don’t have to worry about braving the elements by exercising outside (Nebraska doesn’t have many perfect days for exercising outside), wonder what to wear depending on the weather and no running!

Plus you don’t have to worry about other people watching you through windows (like in most health clubs) or worry about tripping over someone because the gym allowed too many people to sign up for class.

You also don’t have to buy any of your own equipment other than a yoga mat. It’s pretty silly that some boot camp classes here in Lincoln require you to buy your own equipment to bring with you to THEIR class. Last time I checked, you didn’t have to bring your own equipment to the health club. Plus that would be like bringing your own scissors, shampoo, conditioner and styling products with you to get your haircut…just kinda weird.

The number 1 goal with Metabolism Makeover (formerly ELS Boot Camp) is to get you results. Whether that be by designing entire workouts designed around one theme (some themes include the “Booty Blaster”, “Tube Terminator”, and the always fun, “I Hate You Ed!”), or by talking with you after boot camp to help you more on a perosonal basis with any workout or diet issues you may be having.

I want YOU to succeed and I will do whatever I can to make sure you accomplish your goals when training at Lincoln, Nebraska’s top weight loss boot camp and training program.

I truly hope you give me a chance to help you fulfill your fitness goals through my boot camps. They are a wonderful way for the ladies of Lincoln to get in better shape and have fun in the process.

You’ll meet new friends, and maybe even discover an old friend or classmate (which has happened quite often), have fun yelling at me for making you work so hard, get more confidence, strength (physical and mental), feel great and will lose lots of weight and inches in the process.


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Are You Ready For The Best Workout Designed Just For Lincoln’s Ladies?!?!

© 2013 & beyond ELS Wellness, Inc. and Ed Scow

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