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My New Favorite Way To Torture…I Mean “Train” Boot Campers

Since I've been talking so much about Women's Health this month...because I'm in it (page 74 if you haven't seen it yet), I thought I'd share another little tidbit that I thought you might enjoy. They covered a little workout "toy" called The Valslide.  The Valslide is a little contraption that lets you rest your feet or hands on them, and slide along the floor. Doing so makes exercises like lunges, push-up ...

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How To Do One Of My Favorite Boot Camp Exercises

How To Do Plank Extensions This puppy is one of my favorite to make you ladies do in boot camp. You may think it's because I like to come up with new (and fun) ways to torture you, but I do have other reasons... ...although torturing you is kinda fun. But these boot camp exercises are one of my new favorite ways to work the core and abs. One reason is they're "different".  It's good to throw in some differe ...

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How To Do Push-ups: The Perfect Boot Camp Exercise!

I don’t think it would come as a surprise if I told you that I love push-ups, and to be more precise, I love making YOU do push-ups. There really is no better exercise to strengthen and tone the upper body than the push-up. They work the chest, shoulders and triceps (back of your arms) – plus it’s one of the best core exercises around. They’re also great for your posture.  Over the years, as new clients com ...

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Boot Camp Will Not Make You Bulky or Give You “Man Muscles”

“I don’t want to get big and bulky.” “Give me a workout that’s going to make me toned – but I don’t want to get big and bulky because I had this friend who worked with weights and she got big thighs and a big butt.” “I don’t want to look like a Harley Davidson mama.” “Will boot camp make me big and bulky, or will I get toned.” Those are just a few of the statements I’ve received in the past few weeks from n ...

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Exciting Announcement!!!

For months, upon months people have been asking when I was going to add a Friday morning boot camp. They've been asking, no demanding, that I add one. That's a good demand.  It's better than someone telling me I suck and should stop doing these boot camps, right? Well, it finally happened! Starting this Friday, June 25, I'm adding a 5:45am boot camp to the rotation.  That means that I have boot camps all 5 ...

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Tuesday’s Shoulder/Core Boot Camp Workout

The ladies had an awesome boot camp workout today. If you’re reading this ladies, you did an awesome job!  You worked hard, sweated profusely, cussed me out and had a great time.  What more can you ask for? Today’s boot camp workout focused mainly on the upper body, with the core, shoulders and chest getting most of the attention. Actually the theme to today’s workout was “You Don’t Really Need To Use Your ...

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Lincoln Boot Camp Trainer Demonstrates A Posture Exercise

I decided to kick this new boot camp blog off with a little video I made last week. It’s not a workout video, nor am I showing you how to do any of the exercises we do in boot camp. This video shows you an exercise that really helps your posture and helps “straighten out” your shoulders and loosen up your chest, upper back/neck. Most of us spend way too much time sitting behind a desk or driving and that ki ...

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Today’s Boot Camp Workout and Some Exciting News

We had a great boot camp workout today.  I’m really loving this new style of class I’ve come up with and so far everyone else is too…although they seem to hate it just as much as they like it! Not only does it provide something fresh and new for everybody, but it allows me to give more personalized attention where it’s needed and help tweak form and tempo.  I do a lot more running around and it’s a ton of f ...

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Lincoln Boot Camp Intro Video

I thought I'd start this new blog by showing you the video I made to show all the ladies of Lincoln a quick "What are your boot camps about and who the hell are you?" video. Nothing special...just some benefits and a few of the finer points of training at Lincoln's top boot camp. By the way, one thing I hate about YouTube is they don't give you many options when it comes to the "slide" they use for the pict ...

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