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Awesome New Way To Work Your Stomach In Boot Camp And From Home

You like abs, right? Well, you may not like your abs right now, but you like working your abs because…well who doesn’t! I’m no different.  I loves working me some abs, but the problem is it can get a bit stale and boring. So I went into the studio one beautiful afternoon and decided to do some abs workout tinkering. It was pretty stinkin’ fun.  I had a basic idea that I thought would be cool for you to see ...

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Easy Weight Loss Solutions

Howdy! What's goin' down in your neck of the woods?  I trust all is well.  Things are rockin' and rollin' here and things in boot camp are awesome as well. Let's venture into the mental woo-woo stuff for a moment... I want to present you with a situation that may sound pretty familiar. You’re fed up with the way you look and want to make a change.  You hate the way your clothes fit, your lack of energy, and ...

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Are You A Food Pervert?

Are you a pervert? Before I get any complaints or yelled at, I’m not talking about the type of pervert that will get you in trouble for staring at a woman’s chest or any performing any of the hi-jinks from the movie “Porkies.” I’m talking about Food Perversion. I don’t know if I coined the term or not, but I’m claiming it (and probably going to trademark it!), so don’t steal it! My definition of Food Perver ...

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Does Fruit Make You Gain Weight? Should I Stop Eating Fruit If I Want To Lose Weight?

Howdy! What's goin down in your world? I think it's time to discuss a little nutrition and, more specifically fruit. I’ve been noticing a scary trend over the past couple years, and it seems to have only gotten worse lately and that is scare tactics when it comes to diet. Scare tactics are nothing new. They’ve been around for quite some time. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I remember reading that ...

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Boot Camp Arms Workout Video

9 out of 10 new clients who come to boot camp exclaim to me “Ed!  I want to get rid of THIS!” while holding their arm up in the air swinging it back it back and forth as though they are going to turn it into a backyard swing for their little ones. I get it.  Wanting nicer arms is always in demand (even for us dudes). That’s why most of the boot camp workouts we do work your arms at least partially – while s ...

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Quick And Simple Flat Stomach Workout Video!

When I respond to emails, phone calls or do in-person consultations with ladies for boot camp, one of the most prevalent requests is to lose weight from the stomach. “Can you help me lose this flabby tummy?” they ask –and I love helping ladies get their goals met. I created this video to give you an example of a sweet little boot camp abs workout program.  It’s actually a sample from a larger program I crea ...

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3 Boot Camp Toning Exercises For Busy Ladies

There are a lot of confusing articles and videos out there for moms wanting to tone up. Do you go to a boot camp, or maybe stick to an intense home workout program? If you’re a lady, and want to get more toned, should you do loads and loads of repetitions on isolation exercises or stick to bigger exercises that work a lot of your body at once? To better answer those questions, I compiled a quick list of wha ...

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2 Boot Camp Workouts For You (Videos!)

Hey hey! I have a couple quick boot camp workout videos for you to try out today and I hope you dig ‘em as much as I do. They’re from a recent program I designed called “The Puzzle.” With that program, you are able to pick and choose different circuits that hit your trouble spots. Want to work your legs a bit more?  You can do that. How about your abs?  You can do that too! What if you want to mix and match ...

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4 Slimming Foods

Are some foods better at helping you lose weight than others? Of course they are! It would be silly to think that all foods are created equal, especially when it comes to slimming and toning your figure. The big “secret” though is that many of the foods being marketed to you are not good, and won’t help you lose weight, because they’re manufactured and processed foods that are made in a factory. Whenever I ...

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