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Today’s Boot Camp Workout – Sexy Arms and Metabolic Blast!!

Hey everybody! I hope your day is going awesome!  The boot camp workout I made today was a killer and I’ve had a couple emails and a Facebook response or 2 asking if I could send them the workout we did. So I thought that it would be totally awesome to put it up on the blog rather than sending individual emails that way EVERYONE could partake in the torture…I mean fun! Here’s the rundown… Warm-up: 1A) Hatch ...

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April “L Magazine” Column

One of my all-time favorite movies is “The Ten Commandments.”  Seeing Charlton Heston play Moses is a very moving experience. I’m lying. I’ve never seen the movie and come to think of it, I haven’t seen a Heston film.  The most I know about it is that it’s looooong. The reason I mention the movie is because I’ve come up with a list of my own Ten Commandments. I hiked my butt up my very own Mt. Sinai (the se ...

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Do You Bust Your Butt?

Given that I actually train people on a daily basis, I can control (to a certain degree) how hard they work. Granted there are situations when I don't push someone very hard - goals, their mood, how they're feeling, age, etc. are all factors in how hard I push someone. But what's for certain is how hard I push MYSELF in my own workouts - I always bust my butt and keep the intensity cranked up.  If I'm feeli ...

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Squeeze The Cheeks

There are a couple things I want to talk about today. First, there’s still time to sign-up for the first class of Superhero School!  It all begins this Tuesday, March 2 at 5:15pm (at my studio) and there’s still room, so if you’re interested shoot me an email and I’ll give you the specifics. Remember, once the 6-weeks begins, you won’t be able to start until the next 6-week class…so if you’re still mulling ...

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What Is Superhero School?

Incase you didn’t watch the video (I highly recommend you do because…well, just because) here’s a quick snapshot of what I’m so dang excited about. I’m excited about the inaugural launch of “Superhero School”… …”Superhero School” is the latest program to pop out of my mushy thing I call a brain and it was born for a couple reasons. 1.  I wanted to be able to reach out to more people, but in a different way. ...

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This Little Trick Can Shrink Your Waistline Virtually Instantly

Life is full of “isms.” Conservatism. Liberalism. I actually Googled the term “ism” and found a site that listed over 200 different “Philosophical Isms.”  And let me tell ya…some of them were a bit cooky! But any list of “isms” just wouldn’t be complete without the best ism of all isms… …The Ed’ism. Yes, there are plenty of Edisms and if you’ve been coming to boot camp you know a few of them. Way back in th ...

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3 Mini-Circuits. Put ‘em Together And You’ve Got A Nice Boot Camp Workout

A couple months ago I made a bunch of quick workout videos for you... ...But I'm a big slacker and didn't give them to you! How bad is that? Mr. Boot Camp Trainer Man promises a bunch of free boot camp workouts for you and he doesn't deliver. Damn Mr. Boot Camp Trainer Man! Anyway, enough with the self-destructive sayings and on with the goodies! You'll see 3 boot camp workout videos below.   1 is a "Metabo ...

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January 2010 L Magazine Article

Here's the article I ran in the January 2010 issue of L Magazine... What’s the old saying?  Rules are made to be broken?  I like that wise old adage.  In fact, I can remember breaking many a rule many years ago (and I’m sure you can too!). Weight loss has some “rules” as well.  I don’t like some of these rules and I’m sure you don’t either so let’s break a few.  Scratch that, let’s smash these rules into te ...

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My New Favorite Boot Camp Exercise

When I run boot camp, I try to mix in “regular” exercises like lunges, push-ups and big "combination" exercises along with some “odd” or out of the ordinary exercises. I thought I’d share with you one of my new favorite boot camp exercises – The Plank Thrust. I don’t know if I invented it, or if I saw it somewhere and it was stored waaaay back in my memory…but I’m going to claim it as my own :) It’s a prett ...

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