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Ask Yourself This Simple Question And You Will Succeed!

Can I ask you a personal question? Why are you doing what you’re doing? And by that, I’m of course referring to whatever boot camp fitness/weight loss/lifestyle goals you have and not why you’re watching another episode of “Millionaire Matchmaker” or “Real Housewives of …”. Okay so maybe that’s not incredibly personal, in the common sense of the term, yet it is quite personal…at least it SHOULD be. ...

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The Devil Is In The Details

[fb-like] [fb-share] As I write this, it’s 1:40pm on a Thursday afternoon.  I finished up training clients at 1, and hadn’t eaten lunch yet so I headed across the street from the studio to a quaint little sandwich-type place. By the way, did you like my use of the word “quaint?”  Sounds very hob-knobby, right? But I digress. This particular place has a pretty good macaroni and cheese recipe that I had never ...

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What’s the nastiest thing you can ever tell yourself?

[fb-like] Hey! Did you have an awesome weekend? I like to start these posts off with a little story…but I got nuttin’.  Evidently my life isn’t very interesting right now, which is a little sad.  I’ll make sure I do something interesting before I post again to make up for this discretion.  Maybe go knock off a bank or go through the drive-thru at Burger King with my “Fit Dad” license plates and stickers on ...

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Subtraction By Addition. My Fuzzy Math

How ya doin? Did the yesterday's post make sense to you? (in case you missed it, click here)  That’s one of the most responded to articles I’ve written in a long time so I’m guessing it hit home with a lot of ladies. Anyway, today I wanted to share a little fuzzy math with you. I believe that you can decrease (subtract) the amount of calories you eat in a day by adding food. Sound silly? Does it sound like ...

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How Often Have You Said This? From September issue of L Magazine

[fb-like] This is my fitness column from the September 2010 issue of L Magazine... I recently received a pretty cool email from a guy named Dan saying he bought my book a year ago and didn’t do anything with it. What’s so cool about that?  How do I think a guy telling me he purchased my book and did absolutely NOTHING is cool? It was the second part of his email that was the cool part.  He said for months h ...

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Fit Mom’s Corner – An Awesome Summer Pizza Recipe!

[fb-like] Wow!  Summer is officially here and I can’t believe how fast it is going already!  I have been busier than usual and we are all feeling it in our house.  Dinners need to be healthy, easy and fast so that we can get to the pool! A favorite meal in our house is pizza.  Who doesn’t love it!?  During the summer we use the grill to cook them.  I love how easy it is and that we don’t have to heat the ho ...

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Change Your Perspective And Change Your Figure

[fb-like] Just a quickie for you today. Having just said that, I realize that it’s very difficult for me to write a “quick” article.  I say they’ll be quick, but they end up being…not too quick.  Hopefully I stick with the “quick” mindset. I guess I better get on with it, huh? I want to ask you a question. Are you ready for it? I know that was a question, but it wasn’t the question I wanted to ask. What did ...

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A Superfood And A Super Easy Dinner Recipe!

[fb-like] Last year I discovered a Superfood called Kefir.  It is an ancient, fermented probiotic milk drink.  Kefir has a unique, tangy taste (some say it tastes horrible by itself) and is mildly self carbonated and is said to stimulate the immune system, enhance lactose digestion and inhibit bacteria including those that cause ulcers. We like to use plain Kefir in place of yogurt in our morning smoothies. ...

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3 Healthy, Fat Fighting Recipes…And 197 More!

“Ed, I need a meal plan.  I don’t know what the heck I’m supposed to eat…help me out!” “Can you please give me a meal plan and some recipes to help me lose fat?” “Yo Ed!  My eating is out of whack…can you help me out by giving me a meal plan?” That’s just a small sample of the emails I receive on a weekly basis asking for meal plans and recipes and that’s not including the questions I receive from my traini ...

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