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Do You Focus?

[fb-like] I have a little video for you today to illustrate the fact that just one little word can mean the difference between "okay" results (or zero results) and awesome, rock start results when it comes to your boot camp workouts. All too often I see ladies just go through the motions while doing their workouts.  That's a sure-fire recipe for poor results. So what do you do to overcome this? Check out th ...

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Awesome Boot Camp Slider Workout

[fb-like] If you haven’t been to boot camp in a while, you have been missing out on one of my favorite toys – The Slider! These puppies are so versatile and turn any lower body exercise into a killer abs exercise and they turn any abs exercise into an even more intense version…and the best part is everybody groans whenever I get them out! That’s how I know when something really works…when everyone simultane ...

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Common Problems To One Of My Favorite Boot Camp Exercises

[fb-like] If I were to ask you to think really hard about what my favorite boot camp exercise is, what do you think it would be? Some may say push-ups and you’d be close. Some may say anything inducing pain…and you’d be close! But when I say “favorite”, I don’t mean the one that makes me smile the most because it makes you work the hardest… …When I say “favorite”, I’m meaning more along the lines of which e ...

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How To Do A Butt-Kickin Boot Camp Exercise!

Last week in boot camp we did an exercise called “The Dive Bomber” and everybody always LOVES when we do that puppy in class (be sure to note my sadistic laugh and devilish eyes)! That workout was so awesome that I threw it up on the blog, but had a few questions via email and Facebook on how to do the Dive Bomber properly. So I figured that rather than attempting to describe it (which would be nearly impos ...

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Do You Bust Your Butt?

Given that I actually train people on a daily basis, I can control (to a certain degree) how hard they work. Granted there are situations when I don't push someone very hard - goals, their mood, how they're feeling, age, etc. are all factors in how hard I push someone. But what's for certain is how hard I push MYSELF in my own workouts - I always bust my butt and keep the intensity cranked up.  If I'm feeli ...

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Lincoln Personal Trainer Gains National Attention Through Men’s Health and Women’s Health Magazines

It's rare that I pimp books - especially if I haven't written them myself and don't know the person who wrote it, but I've got to tell you about a couple books that hit the shelves a couple weeks ago. Both are called "The Big Book Of Exercises" and are put out by Men's Health Magazine and Women's Health Magazine.  They are 2 awesome books that cover 619 exercises - including pictures, detailed descrptions, ...

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