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Change Your Perspective And Change Your Figure


Just a quickie for you today.

Having just said that, I realize that it’s very difficult for me to write a “quick” article.  I say they’ll be quick, but they end up being…not too quick.  Hopefully I stick with the “quick” mindset.

I guess I better get on with it, huh?

I want to ask you a question.

Are you ready for it?

I know that was a question, but it wasn’t the question I wanted to ask.

What did you eat this weekend?

I don’t just mean for dinner – I mean EVERYTHING.  What did you eat?

Not only that, but what did you drink?

Okay, that’s 2 questions, but they’re essentially the same.

If you need to sit and think for a bit, that’s fine.  I want you to think about everything you ate or drank over the weekend.

What feelings does that food bring up?

Did the food make you feel good?  Did it make you feel good AFTER eating it or did it make you feel bloated, “heavy” and with thoughts of “Why did I eat that?”

If the answer is more the latter, than the former…why?

If what you ate and drank over the weekend made you feel like crap and will eventually lead you to either gaining weight or maintaining your current weight, why did you do it?

If it made you feel like crap, did you tell yourself you wouldn’t do it again?

Did you feel bad after eating/drinking what you did?

If you did, that’s the wrong feeling you should be having.

Food is meant to not only provide you with fuel, but it should be something you enjoy and if you feel bad about what you ate, how much you ate and how often you ate, then you’re thinking about things incorrectly.

Yes, I said “thinking” and not “doing.”

What do I mean?

You need to change your perception and your thinking pattern when it comes to food and drink.

Let me explain by giving you an example.

Andrea and I eat well the overwhelming majority of the time.

We eat lots of whole fruits and vegetables (not commercial juices).

We limit our processed carbohydrates.

We eat a healthy breakfast at least 6 of 7 days per week.

We eat healthy snacks.

We don’t stuff ourselves.

We don’t freak out if we eat too much good food (by this I mean real butter, and other “rich” tasting foods…that are real).

We don’t freak out if we have some alcohol.

But you know what else?

Our bodies no longer crave the crappy stuff like they used to.

We used to love fast food, pizza, and other various junk.

But now we don’t.

Don’t get me wrong – we’ll eat it if we feel like it, but our portions are VERY small and more often than not we feel like hell after we’re done, which means we go weeks between that type of stuff.

What changed?

How did we go from craving the bad stuff and having to force the good stuff to craving the good stuff and feeling like crap after the bad stuff?

We changed our perceptions.

We changed what we believed in.

The more educated we became, the more important it became to eat more and more real food that your body naturally craves.

Your body naturally craves fresh produce.

Your body naturally craves REAL food.

The problem is we pervert those cravings with years and years of poor choices and a backward perception about the food we eat and the stuff we drink.

So how do you change your perception?

First you have to make the decision that you want to.  If you don’t want to change the way you eat…you won’t.  And when I say ‘make the decision’, I mean really make the decision.  It can’t be a half-assed decision – you have to be all-in.

Then, start making better choices.

Start having healthy breakfasts that don’t rely on boxed foods or breads.

Start having fresh fruit and/or vegetables as a snack.

Shrink your portion sizes at lunch and dinner.

Have as much real estate on your plate devoted to fruit and vegetables as you do the main dish.

Limit how often you dine out – at least until you get things under control.  Once you’ve totally changed your perceptions and are no longer tempted by the bad stuff and instead look for “good” stuff on the menu, then you can start dining out again.

Start making small, incremental changes and soon your perceptions about food and drink will change just like ours have.

And weight loss isn’t the only benefit.  You’ll be healthier.  Your skin will be healthier.  Your energy levels will shoot through the roof.  You’ll sleep better.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So if you really want to change…start right NOW.  Decide right now that you’re going to change your perception…then do it!

Have a great day!


P.S. – I really, really tried to keep this one short and quick, but I got caught up in writing because I truly believe that what I said could be the “thing” you need to change for the better and stay changed.

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