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Do You Know Big Mo?


Sometimes I’m an annoying hard ass.

I text ladies when they skip boot camp – sometimes early in the morning.

I email ladies when they don’t show up for sessions – repeatedly.

I call if they do it more than once.

To some it may seem annoying, but I don’t care.

Why don’t I care if I’m annoying?

Is This Big Mo?

Why don’t I care if I can be perceived as a hard-ass?

Because I’m trying to instill the “Big Mo” in everyone.

Before you ask, the “Big Mo” is momentum.

More specifically, it could be said that I’m trying to instill a positive habit in everyone – the habit of working out (whether it is with me in boot camp, or on their own).

Getting into the habit of working out is tough.

That’s not totally true because in the beginning it’s not that tough.

You’re full of enthusiasm about a new program and the devilishly handsome and wicked smart boot camp trainer (it’s okay if you gag…I know Andrea will give me crap for saying that).

Sure you’re sore and sure you don’t like it when you’re told to do Burpees and that you need to cut down on some of your favorite foods in order to lose weight and tone up, but it’s okay because you’re excited.

Everybody gets excited about the new stuff.

But pretty soon, it becomes easy to hit the snooze button on the alarm and/or skip your workout.   You tell yourself, “It’s just this one time…I’ll workout on my own later.”

But do you?

The problem is, you’ve slowed the “Big Mo” down and the Big Mo doesn’t like to be slowed down.  The Big Mo gets cranky when he gets slowed down and pretty soon, he completely stops moving.

The Big Mo thrives on you moving forward because the Big Mo knows that if you keep moving forward, you’ll get to your destination…it’s the Law of Big Mo.

That’s the real reason I call, text, email and sometimes can feel like a giant thorn in your tush.

I’m the Big Mo’s assistant and let me tell ya, Big Mo can be fun to work with when you understand his laws…but if you try to fight the Big Mo or think you can alter the Big Mo’s laws, he’ll put you in your place.

Okay, I think I’ve crushed the term “Big Mo” to death and I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

Big Mo = momentum.

Big Mo = good habits.

You need to continuously workout to make positive changes – whether that’s to lose weight, tone up, or just be more fit and healthy.

Momentum is a really cool thing if you let it work for you.

If you keep putting one foot in front of the other (meaning continue working out while adding good foods and subtract bad foods), you will reach your destination.  Some people have a longer path, but the analogy still holds true.

So let Big Mo work for you rather than trying to work against Big Mo.

Okay, that is the end of my version of Aesop’s fables

Have an awesome day!


P.S. – Did that make sense?  Leave a comment below if you have any questions or would like to share any of your own stories…or if you’d just like to give me crap.

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