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Does Fruit Make You Gain Weight? Should I Stop Eating Fruit If I Want To Lose Weight?


What’s goin down in your world?

I think it’s time to discuss a little nutrition and, more specifically fruit.

I’ve been noticing a scary trend over the past couple years, and it seems to have only gotten worse lately and that is scare tactics when it comes to diet.

Scare tactics are nothing new. They’ve been around for quite some time.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I remember reading that Henry Ford (the car dude) stopped eating sugar after seeing some under a microscope while hanging out with his good buddy Thomas Edison. The sharp edges freaked him out so much that he thought it would rip apart his insides.

I suppose that could be a good scare tactic?

But I digress…

The scare tactic I’ve been seeing lately is that fruit will make you fat, or at the very least hinder your weight loss results.

The argument, and they may even cite studies to prove their point, is that the fructose in fruit is easily converted to fat and stored around your stomach.

But is it true and even if it were true does it make that much of a difference?

Let me answer that question by sharing a quick video with you.

I get a little “ranty” in this video, which I don’t normally like to do because it can sound jerky, but this topic ticks me off.

Give the video below a watch!

YouTube Preview Image

I hope you liked the video and I hope you learned something.

Don’t hesitate to ever ask if you have any questions regarding nutrition.  I’m here to help out any way I can.

Talk to you soon!


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