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Effective Legs Exercise Variation (Boost the booty and leg definition!)

A couple weeks ago I shared a video that had a legs exercise tip where you added a pulses IMMEDIATELY after a set of lunges, and because so many folks liked that (as much as you can ‘like’ lunges and burning legs) I decided to whip up another quick legs exercise video tip!

This one is a bit different because it adds a little tweak to the actual lunge itself.

The tip you’ll find in this video forces one leg to work a bit harder due to the lack of balance, as well as doing more work than usual.

I’ll quit with the jibber-jabber and just share the video tip with you…

YouTube Preview Image

If you have the balance, hold a dumbbell at chest level while doing the exercise.  Just make sure you go slow and maintain balance and control.  This is NOT meant to be a fast movement.

You’ll take some of the tension on the leg doing all the work if you go too fast and that ain’t good.

Take your time, keep your balance and make the lunge look good and you should feel it in that leg.

The act of raising the knee up as you stand up places extra tension on the other leg, and the better you get the longer you can wait to place that other leg on the floor so you almost progress into a 1-leg lunge thingie (not quite a 1-leg deadlift, but you get the picture).

It also places a little extra emphasis on your core because of the balance required.  I’d actually recommend you focus on squeezing your abs as you bring that knee up to increase the tension (think of it as a type of hanging knee raise…but you’re not hanging).

Like I said in the video, make sure you perfect the bodyweight version before you even think about adding extra resistance in the form of a medicine ball or dumbbell.

As your balance increases and you feel more comfortable with the movement, add a 10-pound medicine ball and gradually increase from there.

I recommend starting with a medicine ball versus a dumbbell because if you start to lose your balance it’s easier to get rid of a bouncy medicine ball (or non-bouncy) one rather than the looks you’ll get from throwing a dumbbell before falling to the floor (or breaking your floor if you’re training at home).

I don’t want to see a video of you on Tosh.0 or Youtube because you didn’t head my advice ;)

I’m serious that adding that little knee raise to the regular reverse lunge can really increase the intensity of your legs workout without adding a ton of extra time or extra equipment to your arsenal.

Between the balance, increased core activity and increased tension on the working leg, it makes for a sweet atmosphere of muscles being worked!

Give it a go in your next workout and let me know the results!

Talk to you soon!



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