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ELS Boot Camp and ELS Massage & Personal Training Have A New Name!


ELS Massage & Personal Training is now Fusion105 Training Studio

ELS Massage & Personal Training is now Fusion105 Training Studio

So I have an important announcement to make, and it involves the name of the biz, or bizzes, to be exact.

Is “bizzes” a word?

Oh well, it is now!

Anywho, as many, many people know, the name of my training studio has always been “ELS Massage & Personal Training.” That’s what I named it 10 years ago, and that’s what I thought it would always be.

Truth be told I always liked the name “The Body Shop,” but that was taken by another massage therapist all those years ago.

But, since I stopped doing massage therapy the name never seemed to fit.  Why have “massage” in the name if I don’t offer that?

I also named my boot camps, “ELS Boot Camps,” and figured I’d always keep that as well – it was cohesive…two ELS names.

Times change…

We evolve…

Training styles evolve…

Words that used to have meaning, now seem almost silly.

Take for instance “boot camp.”  I never really liked the phrase “boot camp” when it came to a fitness class.

For one, I thought it minimized what soldiers do to prepare for military life.

It also never truly fit the way I ran my classes, my personality, or what my philosophy with fitness was.

I chose to use that phrase way back in the day because it was the “buzz word” for that style of workout, and it was new to Lincoln.

I think there was only one other boot camp in town at the time, so ELS Boot Camp made sense.

Now there are boot camps all over this city.  Some good, some bad.  Some have excellent trainers, some have atrocious trainers.

Groupon, and other deal sites, ruined the boot camp…

I try to conduct my classes in a different way.  I don’t yell, scream, or any other way do mean things.

I tend to have a smile on my face throughout the entire class.

I encourage conversation and the social aspect of a class, while also making my clients work.

I choose to design my fitness classes in a way that not only helps the client lose weight, but strengthen her entire body, boost her energy and improve her entire lifestyle…

… not just slap a bunch of intense exercises together giving no thought to how the workout will make you FEEL during the workout, once you’ve finished, hours after, and even the week after.

Intense workouts does NOT mean stupid workouts.

ELS Boot Camps for Ladies Only are now called Metabolism Makeover

ELS Boot Camps for Ladies Only are now called Metabolism Makeover


Effective workouts does NOT always mean “hard.”

Boot camps, at least in the eye of many potential clients, means “craziness,” lots of running, working so hard you nearly pass out, and pushing yourself to limits you probably shouldn’t hit on a regular basis.

I don’t like that.

I believe in intelligent intensity, not intensity for intensity sake.

So what did I change the name from for my boot camps?

Well, ELS Boot Camps are now called “Metabolism Makeover.”

Why that?

Because that’s what I want to do.

I not only want you to lose your stubborn fat, but I want to boost your metabolism, and keep it elevated, so you go through your life feeling energetic, while also turning back the hands of time to make you look and feel YEARS younger.

Many ladies’ metabolisms are “broken” when they start due to years and years of yo-yo dieting, hours upon hours of cardio with little to no attention given to resistance training and stress…lots and lots of stress.

I want to help you fix your broken metabolism.

So again, ELS Boot Camps are now Metabolism Makeover.


Okay, now on to the 1-on-1 personal training.

Like I said way back at the beginning, the name of my training biz has been ELS Massage & Personal Training since day one.

One of the reasons I named it that was because I wanted the words “massage” and “personal training” in the name and that limited my choices if I wanted to keep it relatively short.

So I used my initials – ELS…which is not Els like the golfer :)

But as time has gone on my philosophies and style of training have evolved.

You can learn a lot in over 10 years of being a fitness and nutrition expert.

The style of training I now start ALL my programs with is called Fusion Training.

It’s a unique blend of both cardio style exercises and resistance training.

I don’t want to go in too deep with it here, but if you’d like to learn more about it click here.

Here’s a quick description if you want to know a bit more, but don’t want to click another link.

  • Fusion Training will kick your butt, but do it in a way that INCREASES your energy, rather than breaking you down.
  • It will make you feel younger and more alive.
  • It will make you stronger.
  • It will improve your flexibility and range of motion.
  • It will make you feel fantastic…
  • Oh yeah, and it will also melt away your stubborn fat at breakneck speeds!

It can also be turned into Fusion Abs, Fusion Conditioning or Fusion Muscle with just a few tweaks of the overall program.

That’s where my creativity gets to come into play…and I love to play!

So I figured if I was changing the name of my boot camps to Metabolism Makeover I should also change the name of my training studio to fit my new style.

So, ELS Massage & Personal Training is now called Fusion105.

Easy enough, right?

So let’s recap…

ELS Massage & Personal Training is now Fusion105.

ELS Boot Camps is now Metabolism Makeover.



Have a great day!


P.S. – don’t forget!

ELS Boot Camps are Metabolism Makeover

ELS Massage & Personal Training is Fusion105.

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