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Exciting Announcement!!!

For months, upon months people have been asking when I was going to add a Friday morning boot camp.

They’ve been asking, no demanding, that I add one.

That’s a good demand.  It’s better than someone telling me I suck and should stop doing these boot camps, right?

Well, it finally happened!

Starting this Friday, June 25, I’m adding a 5:45am boot camp to the rotation.  That means that I have boot camps all 5 days a week, and there’s a Monday, Wednesday, Friday offering at 5:45am!

And I’m not rigid in my scheduling, so if you normally come at 6:45 on Monday/Wednesday, you are more than welcome to come in at 5:45 on Fridays…if I have the space.  Remember that I only allow a maximum of 12 ladies per class, and I’m feel pretty safe in saying that this class WILL fill up fast, so don’t dilly-dally.

So if you’re ready to step it up a notch and give the best boot camps in Lincoln a try, give me a call at 304-7858 or email me by clicking the “Talk To Me” tab on the menu and I’ll let you know if there’s still space.

This is also the perfect time to give boot camps a try because I just changed up the class format.  The ladies are loving it and have been getting even better results just by switching up the way I run the boot camps.

How cool is that?  A couple minor changes and the results get even better!

Have a great day!


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