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How To Do A Butt-Kickin Boot Camp Exercise!

Last week in boot camp we did an exercise called “The Dive Bomber” and everybody always LOVES when we do that puppy in class (be sure to note my sadistic laugh and devilish eyes)!

That workout was so awesome that I threw it up on the blog, but had a few questions via email and Facebook on how to do the Dive Bomber properly.

So I figured that rather than attempting to describe it (which would be nearly impossible) I would just film a quick video demonstrating it and giving you some pointers and tips along the way.

So, without further ado…

Also, be sure you pay attention to the part where I tell you not to attempt it if you have low back problems.  If not done properly and under supervision, this boot camp exercise can wreak havoc on your low back.

Also make sure you don’t fall on your head…that’s never a good thing :)

I’ll be back soon with more videos and workouts for you!

Until then, have an awesome day!


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