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How To Do Push-ups: The Perfect Boot Camp Exercise!

fitdadTVI don’t think it would come as a surprise if I told you that I love push-ups, and to be more precise, I love making YOU do push-ups.

There really is no better exercise to strengthen and tone the upper body than the push-up.

They work the chest, shoulders and triceps (back of your arms) – plus it’s one of the best core exercises around.

They’re also great for your posture.  Over the years, as new clients come in, I’ve noticed their posture is horrible.  It’s usually because they have desk jobs or drive a lot.  It’s also because your chest and shoulders are weak – push-ups help correct that postural imbalance.

Plus you want to get stronger, right?  Most women are weaker in the upper body and tend to shy away from exercises like push-ups in favor of exercises they’re naturally better at, but that’s a very unwise move.  You NEED to do exercises like push-ups so you can get stronger – you shouldn’t avoid them because you’re not very good at them.

You will get better; you just have to keep doing them.

The problem is that most ladies do them wrong when they first begin to do push-ups.  I correct as much as I can in boot camp, but I am a little limited in how much time I can give, plus I can’t watch you while you’re doing them at home.

For that reason, I made this video laying out exactly how to do a push-up.

Check it out below:

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