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January 2012 LSV


This month’s issue of the LSV Inner Circle brings you a sweet little workout program called “Fusion Conditioning.”

I wrote a blog post about it a couple weeks ago, but the gist is that I mixed exercises that are highly “metabolic” with resistance training exercises and I put them together in a sweet little way that is designed to tone, strengthen AND burn a ton of calories, which means you burn fat on your trouble spots, tone the areas you want and lose fat…all good things!  Oh and the workouts are designed in 10-minute increments :)

I set the workouts up a bit different than usual and I hope you like the new “flow.”

All the workout layouts, as well as Workout Logs are in the magazine which you will download below.

As usual there are videos for the workouts and those videos can be downloaded to your computer.

To download this month’s workout program to your computer, right click the image below…


Don’t forget to email if you have any questions.

Below are all the videos for January’s workouts! Don’t forget that you can download any and all of the videos by “Right Clicking” the little blue “download” button on the bottom right corner of each video. Then, select “Save As” (or whatever the verbiage is on your computer) and save ‘em to your computer…just don’t forget where you saved them. That way you don’t have to worry about being connected to the internet or slow internet connections while doing your workouts.


Fusion Conditioning Workout #1

Fusion Conditioning Workout #2

Fusion Conditioning Workout #3

Fusion Conditioning Workout #4



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