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Lincoln Boot Camp Sexy Legs Combo

fitdadTVBack in June (or May?) I totally changed up the format of boot camp from the old “group” format where everybody did the same thing the entire class, to a station concept.

It’s been much more effective, helps break up the monotony and lets me use new toys in the workout – which is always a good thing.

But the really good thing about it is that I can better pair up exercises in each station and give each boot camp workout a “theme”.

Some days we spend a lot of time on the legs and butt, while others we hit the arms and abs extra hard while totally skipping the legs.

Sometimes it may seem the only reason I do this is to be mean and nasty, but there is actually a method to my madness – but you’re right…sometimes I do just like to be mean and nasty.

Take for example this quick video I made for you that shows an effective 2-exercise combination for the legs and butt.

The exercises are very simple and effective, but when you combine them it makes the workout that much more powerful to the legs and booty.

Then if you take that 2-exercise combination and throw it into a boot camp workout that’s all themed toward the same part of the body (along with some “easy” exercises to break up the intensity), you have yourself an awesome boot camp workout – not just a hard workout, which any goober trainer can make, but an effective workout that is designed for a purpose.

Have an awesome day!


P.S. – Always remember to pay attention to your form and tempo while doing the exercises.  That gets overlooked by many people, and I help tweak form in boot camp, but I can’t do that when you’re not here (obviously) so you have to make sure you keep perfect form throughout the workout.


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  • Jami

    Great combo Ed. I’ll have to add this to one of my upcoming workouts. hopefully it’ll help me loose some thigh fat and jiggle!!

  • Anne

    What other exercises should i do if i want to loose butt fat and get nicer legs? I mostly exercise at the gym with machines but will do other stuff


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