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Lincoln Personal Trainer Reveals Top 5 Boot Camp Exercises

I always sense a lot of confusion and frustration whenever I do a consultation with a new boot camp attendee.

Not frustration with me – they don’t know me yet, so they can’t be mad at me…yet – rather they’re frustrated and confused because they’re being told so many different things when it comes to fat loss and the right exercises and diets to follow.

Diet information is constantly changing depending upon whom the media decides to promote in a given week.  One week you hear about how awesome this regional diet is that’s based on some magical oil while the next you’re told it’s all about getting rid of certain foods while eating loads of another type of food…it’s enough to make your head spin!

Add to that the frustration with the exercise advice and you have one upset lady.

Ladies are told they shouldn’t lift heavy weights because it’ll make them “big and bulky” (which is a lie), they’re told that yoga and pilates will give them the figure they want (which isn’t the total truth) or they’re told that the old aerobics-style classes are the best way to do it because they burn the most calories (I won’t even touch this one).

I can understand the frustration and the confusion the ladies that come to boot camp have and I’m doing my best to help end it.

Whenever I meet with a new boot camper, I try to instill in her the basic philosophies of fat loss and exercise.

I also give her my top 5 fat loss exercises that all women should be doing, and I’m going to give them to you right now.

Want sexy abs?  You have to do these 5 exercises...and a lot of 'em.

Want sexy abs? You have to do these 5 exercises…and a lot of 'em.

1.  Push-ups – You can’t leave push-ups out of any workout program, no matter what the goal is.  They are that important and that essential to your success, especially if you want to lose weight.

Many women aren’t able to do very many push-ups, if any, when they first start out and that leads to even more frustration, so they give up.  That is the wrong course of action to take.

Start off with an easier version like kneeling push-ups or incline push-ups (where you place your hands on a bench, counter top or step). Then as you get better, progress into “normal” push-ups.

In boot camp, it doesn’t matter how many push-ups you can do right now, all that matters is that you try them and work hard.  I’ll keep pushing you and helping you progress – it doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re currently at.

2.  Squats – I don’t generally get much argument from this fat loss exercise and that’s a good thing.

However, when you add squats to your fat loss workout, you need to ensure you use proper form.  Keep your heels planted firmly into the ground, lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor, if not lower, then squeeze your gluts (butt) to raise yourself back up.

I spend most of my time in boot camp running around, tweaking form where necessary so you get the most benefits from squats.

3.  Planks – Again, not much of an argument with this boot camp exercise, but again not many ladies do it correctly.

You need to make sure you keep your body in a straight line from your ears to your toes making sure you don’t stick your butt up in the air.  Keep it straight and keep your abs tight the entire time.

Also make sure your arms are straight down from your shoulders.

Once you can hold the basic plank for a period of 45-60 seconds, move on to a more difficult plank like Side Planks, 1-Leg Planks, Decline Planks, etc.

You have to keep progressing if you want to lose fat and get that sexy figure.

4.  Bent Over Rows – Most ladies totally neglect the back when doing any sort of fat loss or toning workout, and that’s a mistake.

If you want to maximize any weight loss program, you need to include back exercises and the Bent Over Row is one of the best.

Make sure you pull the weights to your hips and not up toward your armpits.  Pulling the weights to your hips ensures you get the maximum effect from the exercise.

Also make sure to keep your stomach “tight” throughout.

5.  Lunges – Lunges are another great fat loss exercise for ladies, but you need to make sure you keep proper form.

Don’t let that front heel come off the ground and let the weight of your body go onto your toes – that puts all the pressure onto your knee joint and takes it away from your leg and butt muscles.

Also, when you stand up make sure you flex your hamstring and butt muscles, just like the squat.

If you add those 5 fat loss exercises to your workout program, you will notice changes to your figure.

Do them intensely and you’ll notice quicker changes to your figure.

Do them consistently and the changes will be faster still.  Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to losing your unwanted and stubborn fat.

Better yet, come to boot camp and I’ll make sure you do them consistently and intensely.

Have an awesome day!


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