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My New Favorite Way To Torture…I Mean “Train” Boot Campers

fitdadTVSince I’ve been talking so much about Women’s Health this month…because I’m in it (page 74 if you haven’t seen it yet), I thought I’d share another little tidbit that I thought you might enjoy.

They covered a little workout “toy” called The Valslide.  The Valslide is a little contraption that lets you rest your feet or hands on them, and slide along the floor.

Doing so makes exercises like lunges, push-ups, mountain climbers, leg curls, etc. a little bit more difficult because it forces you to work harder on balance and brings into play more muscles – plus they’re fun watching people use!

These puppies are one of my new favorite boot camp toys and if you’ve done anything with them you know why I love them…and why you hate them.

To better explain their use and show you a few exercises to use with them, check out this video I made…

Gotta love it!

Have an awesome day!


Oh, by the way you don’t have to use the Valslide – watch the video to see my cheaper version.

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  • Joleen

    How do they work on hardwood floors? have you tried it? Go try it and report back.

    • Ed Scow

      The kind that I use probably wouldn’t work too well on hardwood floors, but I know they make ones designed for hardwood floors – or you could just cover the plastic portion of the slider with something soft and smooth like felt or something, that way you wouldn’t have to worry about scratching the floors…I’m just throwing that out there off the top of my head.

      Plus they’re probably a heck of a lot slicker on hardwood floors…which means you’d have to work harder to not fall flat on your face.

      Why don’t you try it and report back to me miss smarty pants.

  • Joleen

    You make me laugh! I am impressed you picked up on my “smarty pants tone”! My fear was they would scratch up the floor so I haven’t used them at home(that’s my reason and I’m sticking to it). But I like the idea of you trying it first just in case the fall on the face occurs :)

  • Ed Scow

    They probably would scratch up the wood floors unless you covered the plastic bottom with something – or found ones that are made for wood floors. I know the “fitness slides” come in wood floor versions, but those are 3x the cost.

    I don’t think I’m going to try it first – I don’t want to mess up my pretty face…


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