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November L Magazine Column. Common Questions and Answers and a Couple Soap Box Moments!


Here’s my column from the November issue of L Magazine…

Sometimes I think authors who write books and articles that are giant lists did so because they couldn’t pick one topic so they threw a bunch of stuff on paper and said, “Here ya go!”

This is my addition to said community.

Okay not really, but it sounded good, right?  These are actually answers to some of the most common questions I’ve received over the past month.

1.  Shoes with rocking chair shaped bottoms (or “stability ball inspired soles”) won’t give you the super-sexy butt of the lady in the marketing.

I know you know this…but do you really know it?  If you did, those things wouldn’t sell and every shoe manufacturer (except Nike and Adidas) wouldn’t have some smokin’ hot babe with a booty-licious butt in every marketing piece.

2.  Nutrition matters.

I can’t say this with enough emphasis.  What you eat, and don’t eat, matters more than you could possibly imagine.  You can’t out-train a bad diet.  You can’t eat like a typical college-aged goof and if you do, the “freshman 15” will be more like the “Middle-Aged 50.”

3.  Focus on quality food first.

If your grocery cart contains more cardboard than real food, you have a problem. If you have more food in your cupboards than in your refrigerator, you have a problem.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a food by its box.  If you ever wonder about the quality of the food you’re choosing, flip the thing around and read the ingredients because that’s where the true story is told.

Real food doesn’t have an ingredients label because it doesn’t need one.

4.  Don’t stick with a workout program you hate because all you’ll end up doing is hating exercise and become incredibly discouraged.

Find something you enjoy, or can at least stand, and stick with it.  This is a toughie for me given what I do because I, like many fitness pros, think we’re the best of the best, when the truth is YOU are the only one who matters and what YOU enjoy, or can at least tolerate, is what’s most important.

If you like Pilates, do it.  If you like boot camp, do it.  If you like doing the latest infomercial craze, do it.

But don’t allow yourself to be pressured or bullied into doing something you don’t enjoy because all it will do is turn you off to exercise.

There are plenty of options in the murky sea that is fitness – some much better than others – so just find what you enjoy, and that’s safe, and stick with it.

5.  Google the term “mechanically separated chicken”…

6.  Saturated fat isn’t as horrible for you as you were lead to believe.

7.  I don’t care what they say; high fructose corn syrup is best buddies with the devil. Just because they say it’s “no different than sugar” doesn’t make it okay because nobody said that much refined sugar was okay.

8.  Processed flour is also a best buddy of the devil.

9.  Smile more. Living a true healthy lifestyle is about more than diet and exercise.  It’s about living and if you can’t smile, then you’re not really living.

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