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Planks In Boot Camp. Let’s Inject A Little Excitement



Hey, hey!

I love planks.

Actually, that’s a half-truth.  I love making other ladies do planks in boot camp, but hate doing them myself.

They hurt.

But Planks are one of my favorite boot camp exercise because they are very versatile, can be done by virtually anyone (if you know how to tweak them to fit your fitness level) and work so much more than just your abs/core.

Don’t get me wrong; they are a phenomenal core exercise.  In my mind, they are one of the best, but let’s be honest…

…Planks get very boring.

Staying in that position for over 30-45 seconds is like having someone pull your hair out strand-by-strand.  It’s irritating and painful and doesn’t really do you any benefit.

Strange correlation?  I thought so too, but it’s the best I have :)

I have a pretty popular video up online detailing how exactly to do Planks, and I’m constantly getting feedback from people telling me they can hold the Plank for 3 or 4 minutes.


I find that unnecessary.  There’s too much variety that can be injected into the plank for anyone to have to put herself through that kind of torture.

What kind of variety?

I’m glad you asked!

I made a quick video for you where I go over a few different Plank variations that you can do instead of regular planks.

How do you know when you should switch things up and do one of my different variations?

A good estimate I use is if you can successfully hold a Plank from your toes for 45 seconds.  It doesn’t have to be an easy 45 seconds, but just the fact that you can hold the position for 45 seconds, with good form, is a good indicator that it’s time to step things up and make it more effective and keep your core working and keep the calories burning.

Watch the video below to learn a few boot camp Plank variations!

Talk to you soon!


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