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Quick and Easy Weight Loss and Toning Tips

The weather is so, so sweet, the birds are chirping and the flowers are poppin’…

…and my allergies are kicking in, which can mean only one thing!

Summer is just around the corner!


What’s that you say? You’re not ready for summer? You’ve let yourself go into hibernation mode and have accumulated a layer of goo that’s hiding the body you’re wanting to have?

Wow! That sounded very infomerical-like, didn’t it?

Okay, let’s back off the silly-voiced overly excited pitchman and get down to the nitty gritty.

Fall and winter oftentimes bring on a few extra pounds, but not to worry. Even though the weather is getting nicer and you’re getting more anxious about pool and yard-work season, doesn’t mean it’s too late to make progress.

It’s never too late!

Here are a few tips to get you started and rolling.

1. Make a plan. If you have no plan, you make no progress and you sure as heck don’t get rid of that weight. Sit down and think about WHAT you want to do and HOW you’re going to do it…

2. Then take MASSIVE action. Get moving on your plan. Don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t wait until next Monday, don’t wait until after this weekend getaway. Do it now…like today.

3. Do your workout first thing in the morning. There’s nothing magical about doing your workout first thing in the morning, I am simply telling you to do it first thing in the morning so that you do it and get it out of the way.

That way you won’t have to worry about any excuses getting in your way later in the day. Something come up with the kids? No problem because you already did your workout.

Plus it will crank your energy through the roof and keep your metabolism elevated, which have their own benefits.

4. Skip the snacks. I know I’ve said before that you should have snacks throughout the day, but today I’m telling you not to. I’m assuming two things – first, you eat too much at your meals and second, you sit too much throughout the day. Me telling you to eat MORE, without addressing the root of the problem (which we can’t in this letter) is silly.

5. Don’t blow it on the weekends. Weekends can be the devil to anyone wanting to lose weight and get in better shape.

The biggest tip I can give for the weekends is try to keep as close to a regular routine as possible. Try to have the same healthy breakfast, same healthy lunch and you can relax a bit at dinner…but don’t throw all your hardwork out the window by saying “It’s okay, I’m having my reward day.” Reward days are fine, but in moderation healthy yogurt to help lose weight

6. Breakfast is your friend. Don’t “save” calories by skipping breakfast and never allow yourself to believe you are “too busy” to eat it. I have given you loads of smoothie recipes and give you over 100 in my Fat Loss To Go program, that only take a couple minutes to make and can be enjoyed in the car, thus removing the “I’m too busy” excuse.

Not only that, but it’s a proven fact that those who normally eat a healthy breakfast lose weight AND keep it off more easily than those who skip. Plus you’re much more likely to avoid the temptations you’ll find later in the day.

7. Fiber is your friend. Fiber is the best friend of a person wanting to lose weight. Increase your fiber intake, and decrease your waist size.

I guarantee…I say… I guarantee it! Sorry for the Foghorn Leghorn reference…

You can find loads of fiber in things like berries, beans, nuts, vegetables and oats.

8. Skip the bread. I always waffle on whether to tell someone to cut bread, but if you want to lose weight quickly, and get rid of some unnecessary calories, cutting bread is easy…

…as long as you replace those carbs with an increase in vegetables, nuts and beans.

I eat very little bread. I just don’t find myself craving it. Do I get enough carbs and fiber? I think so.

Okay, there are 8 really simple and quick tips for you to get started losing weight TODAY and get in better shape before summer comes.

Make a plan, take action and watch the pounds melt off.

I believe in you and KNOW you can do it!

Talk to you soon!

Ed, aka “The Fit Dad”

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