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Quick And Simple Flat Stomach Workout Video!

When I respond to emails, phone calls or do in-person consultations with ladies for boot camp, one of the most prevalent requests is to lose weight from the stomach.

“Can you help me lose this flabby tummy?” they ask –and I love helping ladies get their goals met.

I created this video to give you an example of a sweet little boot camp abs workout program.  It’s actually a sample from a larger program I created for boot camp clients near and far called “The Puzzle.”  In that weight loss workout program, you can pick and choose different areas of your body to work, and because you want a flat tummy, we’re going to focus on that area for this article!

I love doing this type of workout in boot camp.  It helps ladies focus in on certain parts of their body and they can really “feel” the workout, without completing sapping their strength and energy, when we’re done.

Alright enough of the jibber-jabber, here’s the boot camp abs workout video!

Lincoln, Nebraska Boot Camp Abs Workout


YouTube Preview Image

A couple different ideas you could use for this abs workout is to add it to another workout or 2, as I mentioned earlier, or you can do it on its own and “Book End” your day with it.

By that I mean, you could do this quick abs workout first thing in the morning – before you do anything else – and then do it again later in the day, say right before dinner.

If you were to take that logic, and add another Puzzle Piece to the workout program, like another abs workout, or maybe one for your arms or legs, it will do that much more for your metabolism and help you lose even more weight!

Doing this stomach workout like that will increase your metabolism in the morning, keep it elevated for a while, and then when you do it again, it’ll give another sweet little boost to your metabolism and doing it right before dinner might even keep your appetite in check, or at least help you make better decisions with your food.

Alrighty, there ya have it!

I hope you enjoyed this sweet little abs workout and are able to put it into practice in your overall workout program.

Make sure you peruse around this site for more workout videos and food ideas for.  There are loads of ‘em.

Have an awesome day!


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