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Short, But Deadly, Boot Camp Workout For You


What’s happenin’!

Just a quickie for you today because I’ve got a killer little boot camp workout video to share with you.

There are days I like to throw in a little 4-Minute “Tabata” style workout into boot camp.  Where I put it depends on the Theme of the day’s workout.

If it’s a highly “Metabolic” workout, I’ll throw it in the beginning because these puppies do a pretty good job at shooting your heart rate and metabolism through the roof and keep it there the remainder of the workout.

Other days I’ll throw it at the end of the workout as a “Finisher.”  For instance if the boot camp was pretty leg heavy, I’ll do something with 2 killer legs exercises that finishes the workout nicely.

I suppose you could say it puts a pain-inducing bow on a soreness-bringing present!

I made a video showing you one of my favorite 4-Minute Tabata workouts for you to try at home.

If you are extremely short on time, you could even go through this workout once of twice as its own workout.  Or you could do it a couple of times in one day – once in the morning, once mid-afternoon and again in the evening.

Use your imagination!

Anyway, here’s the 4-Minute Boot Camp Workout Video…

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Have an awesome day!

The Fit Dad

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