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Subtraction By Addition. My Fuzzy Math

How ya doin?

Did the yesterday’s post make sense to you? (in case you missed it, click here)  That’s one of the most responded to articles I’ve written in a long time so I’m guessing it hit home with a lot of ladies.

Anyway, today I wanted to share a little fuzzy math with you.

I believe that you can decrease (subtract) the amount of calories you eat in a day by adding food.

Sound silly?

Does it sound like one of those claims of “Eat all you want and still lose weight!”

I hate those over-hyped marketing claims, so before I confuse you any longer, let me explain.

I believe (and it’s been solidified over the past several months) that the simplest way to lose weight and get a better figure is to focus on the GOOD and not the bad.

Focus on adding as much of the “good” as you can and the “bad” doesn’t have any place in your life.

So what I mean when I say “I believe that you can decrease (subtract) the amount of calories you eat in a day by adding food” is the following…

Before you eat lunch and/or dinner, I want you to eat a high quality, fiber-rich, real food snack.

I don’t care what you’re eating for your meal or where you’re eating it.  Focus on adding that good, quality snack before your meal and you’re almost assured to eat less.

The reason is the fiber and focusing on the quality of the food.

Fiber is nature’s natural appetite suppressant because it expands in your stomach.  If it expands in your stomach, you won’t be able to fit as much in.

If you eat it as a snack about 15 minutes BEFORE your meal, your brain will get the “no more” trigger much sooner than if you were to wait until meal time which means you won’t be able to eat as much.

Not only that, but by focusing on the quality of the food and making sure it’s an actual REAL food, and not a pseudo-food and not some type of fiber replacement drink or pill, you will get a ton of nutrition – vitamins, minerals and cancer-fighting phytonutrients.

So what foods am I talking about?

Nuts like almonds, peanuts and cashews (or any other nut) as long as they’re not perverted.

Berries like blueberries, raspberries or strawberries.

Some homemade granola (if you’re a client of mine you should have that recipe).

Just make sure the food is rich in protein and a real food.  Also make sure it’s low in calories.  These little trick works well and you don’t need to have a lot of whatever food you choose.

A serving of berries will be around 70 calories.  A small serving of nuts will be around 100 or so and the granola about the same, but the nuts and granola are easy to go overboard with, so be careful with the amount.

So there ya go.

There’s a simple and easy-to-implement nutrition tip that can yield huge results.

Whatcha think?

Make sense?

Leave a comment below or on Facebook to share your thoughts and what foods work for you!

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