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Tuesday’s Shoulder/Core Boot Camp Workout

The ladies had an awesome boot camp workout today.

If you’re reading this ladies, you did an awesome job!  You worked hard, sweated profusely, cussed me out and had a great time.  What more can you ask for?

All the ladies were more than good today...they were great!

All the ladies were more than good today…they were great!

Today’s boot camp workout focused mainly on the upper body, with the core, shoulders and chest getting most of the attention.

Actually the theme to today’s workout was “You Don’t Really Need To Use Your Shoulders Today, Do You?”

I started theming the boot camp workouts a few weeks ago, but never told anyone or had any way to share it with the ladies when they came in other tham my screaming it from the mountain tops when they walked in the door.

So, now there’s a nice little chalkboard thing-a-majig on the front window that lets you know what you’re getting yourself into each day.

Nobody has turned around and walked out upon seeing the theme of the day, but I’m sure it’s coming…

Anyway, back to today’s boot camp.

We split the workout up into 2 phases, each phase having 4 stations with 2 exercises per station.

Here was the rundown on the first phase.

#1 – Push-ups/Bodyweight Squats

#2 – DB Rear Flies/Squat Hold – Got a lot of laughs on this one because of what it looked like.  I’ll let you use your imagination.

#3 – DB Curl-Press/Double Mountain Climber – No one liked this one, but it was a great way to hit the abs and get you breathing hard.

#4 – Tube Row/Tube Hatchet – Partnered up with the tubes to give it a little more tension/shoulder stability/core work

Phase 2 looked like this:

#1 – Push-up/Medicine Ball Slams

#2 – Spiderman Climb/Double Crunch

#3 – Rollout/Plank Extension – This is one of my favorite combos to really hit the abs and make you groan and cuss me out!

#4 – Tube Lunge/Tube Hatchet – Partnered up again to hit the core/stability a little harder

That was it.  The workout went a little long in both classes and for the most part I think the ladies loved it.  I love this new format and I’m having a lot of fun coming up with new themes and new ways to torture work all the ladies in these awesome boot camp workouts!

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon!

Ed Scow

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