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Wednesday’s Boot Camp Workout

Hey everybody,

Just thought I’d give you an update on what we’ve been up to in boot camp lately.

Here’s a rundown on today’s workout.

The theme was “Core Killer” and “The Arminator” – too clever, right.

Today's workout focused on the "Batwing Arms"

Today's workout focused on the "Batwing Arms"

As the names implies the workout was broken into exercises that worked the core/abs and exercises that primarily worked the arms.

Here’s what the boot camp workout looked like:

Phase 1 – Did it 2 times

Station 1 – Cross Body Mountain Climbers and Triceps Kickbacks

Station 2 – Side Plank Extension and Stability Ball Rollout

Station 3 – Reverse Crunch and Butt Raise – Doing these 2 exercises back-to-back like this really made the abs burn.  I did this little combo yesterday and my abs are still sore.

Station 4 – Medicine Ball Slams and Planks

Phase 2 – Did it 2 times

Station 1 – Resistance Tube Row and Resistance Tube Triceps Kickbacks

Station 2 – Squat w/Shoulder Press and Superman

Station 3 – Bent Over Row w/Triceps Kicback and Stationary Lunge w/Shoulder Press

Station 4 – Overhead Triceps Extension and Russian Twist

After that last phase, the ladies’ arms were feeling it and I know they’re going to be cussing me out later today and into tomorrow!  I love it!

We didnt’ do any push-ups and laid off the legs today, but that more than likely means we’re going to be hitting those areas in tomorrow’s workout.

Now that we’ve got the “Station” thing all worked out and everybody’s used to it, I’m going to start throwing some curveballs into them.  There have been some exercises I’ve been leaving out because I didn’t know how they would fit in this new format, but I think I’ve got it figured out now and I’ll probably be giving them a go next week.

What do you think?  Wanna join Lincoln’s top boot camp and get the workout of your life?

Have an awesome day and I’ll talk to you soon!


P.S. – Don’t forget that I have added a Friday class at 5:45 which means there’s now a M/W/F option rather than just the M/W and T/Th options.  If you’re interested in jumping into the best boot camp workout in Lincoln, give me a call at 304-7858.

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