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What Is Superhero School?

Incase you didn’t watch the video (I highly recommend you do because…well, just because) here’s a quick snapshot of what I’m so dang excited about.

I’m excited about the inaugural launch of “Superhero School”…

…”Superhero School” is the latest program to pop out of my mushy thing I call a brain and it was born for a couple reasons.

1.  I wanted to be able to reach out to more people, but in a different way.

There are so many people in this city who don’t like to workout in front of others, don’t know what to do, are confused as h-e-double-hockey-sticks, or who can’t afford a personal trainer or boot camp and I understand that.

Plus there’s so much more to be taught than just exercise and workout information, but I’m limited in the amount of time I can teach it in a training session, in a boot camp or here on my blog.

2.  I have been receiving A LOT more questions over the past year about diet, exercise, workouts and health in general that I saw a need and a want for this type of program.

So what the heck is “Superhero School?”


It’s a 6-week diet, fitness and healthy lifestyle program done from a classroom setting.

I didn’t call it a weight loss program because it’s so much more than just a weight loss program.  However, if you need to lose weight, you will lose weight with Superhero School…it’s just not THE primary goal – it’s about living a healthy, vibrant and happy lifestyle.

It’s going to be a classroom setting which means that a small group of people (10-15) will meet with me at my training studio once a week for 6 weeks for around an hour (sometimes more, sometimes a little less).

In those 6 weekly classes, we will cover a range of topics that include diet, exercise, general health, supplements (good and bad), myths, lies and misconceptions and everything in between.

These classes will be interactive, which is why I am capping the number of enrollees at 10-15 – I want interaction. I want questions, I want conversation.  If the number is too large, no one will talk and it’ll be ungodly boring.

Then, at the end of each class you will receive a 2-part assignment.

You’ll receive a nutrition assignment and a workout assignment for the week.

The nutrition assignment will change every week and will include 1-3 items I want you to put all your emphasis on.

For example, I may give you an assignment of “Eating 5 fruits per day, cutting out liquid calories and not eating after 7pm.”

I want you to put all your energy into those 3 things for one week.

Then, the next week you’ll get a new assignment.

Make sense?

The workouts will also change every week and they will rock your socks.

They will be completely unique (I design all my own workout programs…unlike some other folks) and they will all be filmed and uploaded to a private website that will be password protected and can only be accessed by Superhero School attendees.

The videos will not be short – they will be filmed “follow-along” style so you can see the flow of the workout, tempo of the exercises and answer any questions you may have about the workout itself.  I’ll also give you tips and pointers so it’s just like having me in the room teaching you.

The workouts will not require gym memberships or expensive home gyms.

They will all be done from the comfort of home with limited equipment.

All I’ll require are dumbbells, resistance tubing and a stability ball – all of which are very inexpensive.

Oh yeah, on the first day of Superhero School, you’ll receive a binder preloaded with reports on exercise, diet and foods.  You’ll also receive a bunch of eBooks with sample meal plans, healthy desserts, smoothie recipes and additional workouts.

Your assignments will also be 3-hole punched so that at the end of the 6 weeks you’ll have a binder FULL of information that you can always rely on.

To say that I’m excited about this is an understatement.  I’m so unbelievably stoked about it and I hope it shows!

And I want you to be a part of my inaugural class in Superhero School!

To sign up all you have to do is either call me at 304-7858 or shoot me an email at and put “Superhero School” in the subject line.

The first class is set to start Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 5:15pm (or 5:30pm).

Will you join me?

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